Crikey! That’s a big one!

Did I mention Dan is my personal hero? My knight in shining armor??

After we drove into San Remo and settled our stuff into our accomodations (Dan’s uncles place is gorgeous! It overlooks the ocean, a secluded cove where waves break over ancient rock) we decided to go for a walk to explore and stretch our legs.  We lined up to exit the door when Dan’s Nanna yelped and scooted back, running into Dan who backed into me, and I, being extremely clumsy, smashed my finger in the door.

This brown snake (one of the two most poisonous snakes in Australia so I’m told) was outside a foot from the door wrapped around the railing.  Oh my goodness. I turned white as they opened the door again, not wanting to lose sight of the snake.  Long story short, the snake jumped(?) off the railing and tried to retreat to the door across from ours and go inside but it couldn’t get under the door.  We cornered it there while keeping a safe a distance while trying to figure out what to do. Eventually when it was apparent that there was no one to call and no shovel in sight Dan took care of the snake himself.

Dan was the hero of the day and I nearly passed out watching! I am more of a city girl then I thought, the episode made me nearly pee my pants.  No amount of push ups and burpees prepared me for wildlife!

We didn’t end up going for a walk that day, we drove into town and had ourselves a nice coffee 🙂

The trip was lovely though!  Wednesday we woke up bright and early to go fishing on the island. We didn’t catch anything but a man fishing on the same pier caught a sting ray causing quite a stir as everyone moved out of his way while he pulled it up, took the hook out and threw it back in.  I gave him a wide berth… if you remember I got to make a surprise visit to a Thai hospital last year after my run in with a sting ray.  I love wildlife :) I don’t love fishing so I kept the fisher people company while I worked on my knitting. I know, I’m a bad ass.  But Dan’s Nanna taught me that morning so I worked on it the whole trip. I’m awful but I will get better! Because while crocheting is nice to keep my hands busy and work on granny squares for an afghan I actually like the way knitted things look better most of the time.   So I want to get good at it so I can make baby blankets and fun things!

All in all the trip was a success. My battery died after Wednesday but we had a whole day fishing on Thursday (to know avail) and then out to eat in the cute town and we finished up the night by watching Donny Brasco – can you believe I’ve never seen it?!  Cray. Cray.

Well, I wanted to write two posts today but I ran out of time. We woke up ready to hit the gym Dan and I so we indulged that feeling 🙂 Then we did laundry and lunch…now there’s prep for a fabulous NYE party to be done! I’ll post again tomorrow. I’m not a resolution kind of girl but I do like to start the new year of fresh with some ideas and goals.  and I have some nutrition stuff to discuss with y’all.

SOOOO HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! Enjoy, I know I will be 🙂


About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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