This $$hit is Banana’s!

Inspired by my sis and her perfect storm of bananas, I’m rounding out the evening with some banana bread bake-age!  I’m experimenting so, this one may or may not be edible.  I always use Isa Chandra’s basic banana bread recipe from The Post Punk Kitchen website. I’ve been using it for years. I always add chocolate chips, extra cinnamon and sub olive oil for margarine.  But this time I decided against the chocolate chips.  To me, banana bread without chocolate seems a sacrilege but Dan isn’t a chocolate lover and he prefers his bread sans the chocolate chips so, I’m trying it.  I also wanted to try using the gluten free rice flour (read – I wanted to use it before we moved).

Methinks I should have mixed it with another flour, but I didn’t have another so we’ll see.  I also halved the sugar (I usually do that) and added pumpkin pie spice instead of allspice and threw in some chia seeds.  Muahahahaha I’m an evil banana bread scientist!!!



My banana bread process is a little off the map but it works for me!  I always sift the dry ingredients together first and set aside.

Then I chop up bananas into a separate bowl





Then I pour in the milk and oil (remember I don’t use butter/margarine)  and mash it up with a fork – this is the fun part





Then add the sugar to the banana slop. Mmmmm looks like soup…





Add that to the dry mixture









Pour into loaf pan and bake:





This is how I get away with using 2 bowls, 1 fork and 2 measuring cups and that’s it!!  I wasn’t sure if the bread was going to be tasty, the batter wasn’t with the rice flour. Usually I make myself sick licking the chocolate chip-liscious batter of this bread. Not this time, the texture is gritty.

 (waiting for the “ding”)




However this is the finished product:





It was really good! It baked in 15 minutes, crusty on the outside, chewy/moist on the inside.  Still too sweet, I could put even less sugar in it. And the texture doesn’t seem to be any different from regular flour, it just has a slightly different aftertaste.  Not too shabby! Even Dboyy approves. Score


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