En Fuego

Yesterday I went out for a run. I had gotten up waaay early for me and needed a nap, but after a really good lunch and a nap I was ready to go.  I adore running at night it seems (especially in comparison to during the day here where it’s really hot and humid). It’s still hot and humid at not but often there’s a bit of a breeze.  I wasn’t sure how long to run, I’m only loosely following my training plan now. It’s busy and we’re moving and I figure I’m not actually racing the races. My plan is to finish and feel good and foster running as a habit/use it as an outlet.  So the plan was to run 3 miles and see how I felt, most likely stop at 3 and walk home.

That is NOT what happened!

Around mile 2 I was enjoying the breeze and I was planning how to best pack my suitcase.  At mile 3 I was just arriving at my usual toilet stop so, even though I didn’t really need to, I stopped to pee.  And decided to run around Marina Bay! At just after 5 miles I done the loop back to my toilet stop, I stopped briefly to skull half a sports drink and started my run home.  I made it practically to my doorstep right at 7 miles.  I felt just vaguely tired in the leg region but in all honesty I just wanted to go home shower and get to dinner with Dan, I was bored.

  Dinner was great and I finally tried this Honey Apricot beer I’ve been thinking about at Brewerks. It didn’t disappoint. However, I couldn’t finish what you see in the picture. About halfway through I felt like falling asleep in my entree. Those are my sleepy-but-trying-to-look-sexy eyes.





What an awesome run for me!!! 7 miles – slow miles, I didn’t get faster then 11:10 split – without much effort.

1 11:43 11’43″/mi
2 23:32 11’49″/mi
3 34:42 11’10″/mi
4 46:15 11’33″/mi
5 57:46 11’31″/mi
6 1:09:31 11’45″/mi
7 1:20:55 11’24″/mi

This is a breakthrough for me. I mean, I’m still embarassingly slow, but I don’t really care at the moment.  Bring on the long runs.  I’d really like, soon, for my “short runs” to be no less than 5 miles and my “long runs” to be more in the 10-13 mile region.  Today I just feel a little tight in the legs but nothing more then usual!

Great run 🙂  Happy girl. And today was productive too…sigh


About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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