Today, nothing was going to stop me – not the bad weather, not the bad mood, not the fact that I forgot my sneakers, woke up with a nosebleed or got a blister from my back up pair of shoes.  I had to run today.  The last two days have been rest days – yesterday due completely to my rum and coke consumption Monday night… (more on being wasted and how to test how much your man loves you in another post)

Halfway through my short 5k, the blister on my foot started to bleed but dammit, I wanted to finish my run. So I chucked off my shoes and graced the treadmill with these bad boys:









My owl socks!

I had really wanted to run more then a measly 3 miles after two lazy days but I’ll take the 3 and call it a win 🙂









I am not a very patient person.  I don’t hide my feelings well (or at all).  I can let myself be ruled completely by my emotions – logic not being high on my list of strengths.  However, if there is something I consider a strength of mine, that I can hang my hat at the end of the day on this self-knowledge (and therefore self respect) its my strong determination – okay, you might call it stubborness too.  This facet of my personality can sometimes masquarade as patience, although I assure you its not.

Often my route to success is slower then the average bear because I have unstrategically and illogically opened every door looking for the right one instead of narrowing my options first. That can be really frustrating and, quite often, humiliating. I’d really like to work on my technique.  But at the end of the days that reveal my weaknesses most, one of the comforts I have is the knowledge of my own determination and the power in life that has given me. One at a time I have taken on my desires and ambitions… and achieved them.  Maybe not quickly, elegantly or painlessly, but through sheer work I have achieved each thing I desired.  Determination is a cornerstone of the Crista foundation.  And when there are earthquakes and floods it’s good to know what your foundation is built on:







Off the top of my head, this is what I think my foundation is.  Faith you say? What do I have faith in? I have faith in myself, faith in love and it’s reality, faith in honesty and worth, faith in determination/committment and it’s value, and faith in the cycles of nature.

Heavy post? That’s what a day spent in bed recovering from self induced alcohol poisoning will do to you… deep pillows=deep thoughts.

How was your Halloween? Any holiday workouts that rocked your world?



About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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