Happy Halloween

This is my solution to the whole ” I-don’t-want to-look-sexy-on-halloween-because-I’d-have-to-wear-heels-and-admit-I-have-no-cleaveage” problem…

plus I don’t have to wear make up or pants and I get to drink Jack and Coke.  Best. Halloween. Ever.

What where you for halloween?? Back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. Eat lots of candy for me, American style!

Oh if you couldn’t tell, I’m Tom Cruise’s character from Risky Business in that famous dance scene (“I like that old time rock and roll!”)


About evafitness

I fell into fit-love like falling into a well! I started this blog because I realized how much of my day I spent working out, trying new physical activities, reading fitness blogs and the like. Now I'll share my questions, findings and general fitness environment with y'all!!

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