The Splits

I didn’t blog for a few days.  I was otherwise occupied…

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That would be margarita’s with my girl Lena yesterday, the gym today, shopping (I found a turquoise ring and it reminded me of Ali’s comment!! yay!) for jewelry and warm clothes for Ohio (thank you for all the comments. I feel much better about my ability for winter fashion) and lastly packing/organizing to pack.  Phew! I have so many clothes…

I even made dinner for myself tonight since I’m trying to use up all the stuff in the refrigerator.  Dinner included tofu as I am assured that Dan will not help me use that up 😉

My workouts actually have rocked!  Yesterday I managed to fit my two circuits in between sets at work – ab ripper and the 4 move band circuit (I do the whole circuit 3 times through).  I’m really liking my new streamlined workout approach. I know that I’ve suffered some strength loss, like I’m not sure how pretty it’ll be when I try to do pull ups again. When I was doing P90X I could bust out 12 pull ups no problem.  Now I think I shake around pull up #3.  But most of my strength (and size) loss is really a result of not doing aerial work like I used to.  When I started P90 over 2 years ago I was a full time aerialist doing 8-12 shows a week on average.  I had huge traps already and 4 pack abs.  I’m enjoying a more streamlined body too, I feel less bulky, quicker and I’m not in constant pain. I miss my aerialist days but I truly believe that when I start training again in that realm I’ll be better then before.  I’m learning how to build strength without mass.  I have a lot more energy and endurance then I did when I looked stronger. I could get through my shows fine but I really huffed and puffed when anything extra was added to my day, I couldn’t get through a whole day without extreme exhaustion at some point.  I have noticed in the last year even since switching up my training and starting to run and change my diet that my energy level has risen incredibly.  But now I’m off on a tangent…

Today’s workout was from my 10k plan (I’m following the plan and on non running days I do ab ripper and my short circuit. I’m spending 1/2 as much time working out as I used to but I feel more fit). Today was a 2 mile day.  I decided to work on speed for my low mileage days so I’m quite proud of my 2 mile time of 20:08!  Remember, I’m new to running and I’m decidedly slow, living in the over 11minute mile range even when racing.  Today I pushed the speed, comfortably and when I felt like I was flagging I pulled back the speed but only a little bit.  I warmed up at my usual race pace.  and you know what? It felt good.  And since I used my Nike band I got to see the following split time:

1 10:28 10’28″/mi
2 20:08 9’40″/mi

That’s right! 9’40” for my second mile!  This is the first time I’m even looking at “split” times, I guess I’m starting to care, to want to get better instead of just try to be skinny. I was proud at the end of the workout but now a 2 mile run seems short.  I didn’t know what to do with myself, so I just stretched out and grabbed a weight to do a tricep exercise. I don’t know why, it just felt right.

So I’m looking forward to training in running now.  The nice thing about the Nike band is that I can look up at all my previous recorded runs and check out the split times to get an idea of how I run on a regular basis. Eye opening!  Also I’m finding that running 3-4 times a week means I have more energy and ability to motivate myself while I’m running. When I was prepping for the 1/2 marathon I just ran every day that I could as long as I could.  I didn’t follow a training plan. And I’m really proud that I did and finished the race, but what a rookie thing to do.

I guess the moral of this story for me is that more isn’t always better. I feel (vainly) that I look better now then I did before when I was training for no less then an hour at a time no less then 6 days a week. And I definitely feel better, more energetic, I have more passion, and also more commitment to getting my workout done when I don’t want to since I don’t have to work out as often.

Tomorrow on the training schedule is a choice of 3 mile run or a rest day.  I guess I’ll gauge how I feel tomorrow!


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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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  1. I am extremely IMPRESSED that you found a ring that is almost identical. I love it. I hve crushed turq in my wedding band all inlayed = LOVE it’s a great gemstone 😀

    I hope you are doing ok, AND WOW girl you are getting super fast 🙂 YAY!!!!! I am so glad you are starting to get the running bug and drive. It’s amazing! have a great halloween and do forget to visit on monday 😛

  2. PS: is that a stripper pole in that pic? and is that you on it?? – I am saving this for a future post so don’t tell anyone but I am quite skilled on the pole and happen to own a brass one….in my basement 🙂

  3. YOU HAVE ONE?!!! I want one so bad but I have to wait to stop moving. I can’t wait for your post. That is me, I learned pole dancing very briefly but did some performing (legit, not at da clubs of course) and competed once and it was a blast! oh man, So excited for your post. You have a lucky hubs!

    ps. thanks for the running encouragement. Reading your blog and a few others help keep me passionate. I feed off of y’all’s excitement for it. so thanks 🙂

    • Hey yes I do have one. I won’t be posting it until I have my basement finished….so it may be more like a xmas post or something but when the pole fit studio I took classes at closed down they were selling the poles so I bought one, Colin cut it down and then we put it in our basement 😀 I love having one!!!!!! I’ll be sure to tell you when I do eventually bring that cat out of the bag ….lol

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