Pack, Clean, FREAK, Repeat…

 That’s my scrubbing face. Beware!

For the next 2.5 weeks this will be what we’re doing.  Ah, living the dream!  I suppose all people that are lucky enough to call performing their career pack, unpack, set up and tear down more then the average joe.  If you’re not the kind of performer who’s living abroad and taking tours and overseas contracts (as I have been for the past 2 years) – moving for big chunks of time, but not big enough to buy nice kitchen wear, they you’re the performer who is based in one place but then packs up suitcases, day bags, gym equipment for month long, week long, 16 hour trips.  It’s all about packing just enough to get by looking like you more then get by.  It’s adventurous.  And a bit hectic.  Especially at this time, the packing to go somewhere else time.

Dan and I are from different country’s so we’re packing suitcases to bring with us that will have to go from hot Singapore, to cold Ohio, to frigid NY, to warm, summery Australia.  And then send ahead boxes to stay in the US without when we start our next endeavor.  Oh yeah, and boxes to stay in Australia.

I spent all night last night trying to convince Dan to do something other then come over and help me pack up my apartment.  I was afraid of melting down in front of him (although he’s already seen that) and having him witness my disorganized stressful chaos of packing. I can deal, it’s well rehearsed for me, but um… it’s embarassing. Thank goodness he refused to listen to me because he spent the day helping me and so my packing looks like this instead of the nest it usually looks like.  My future thanks you.  And your future too!

I tried to repay him by helping him with his apartment.

But really I can never repay the amount of packing he did and the sanity and limbs that he protected…

I didn’t work out today but since I’m still post-flu and I pretty much sweated my way through several boxes to be packed, carry bags of trash, wall and window cleaning and scraping I’m going to call it a draw.  Back on the horse tomorrow.  I must consult and revise my 10k training plan otherwise the Turkeys will be trotting on me.

This is a very exciting time in the land of Crista and Dan – ending a 2 year secure performing gig, going to meet familys, back on the open acting/singing/dancing market (which means it’s headshot, website, network, audition time!), travel…et al.  Staying healthy and in show form is twice as important and a bit more complex.  But I welcome the challenge, muahahahaha!  That and perhaps I should welcome a multivitamin… thoughts? Advice?


About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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  1. Oh man… the living out of suitcases and all over the place is something I could never get used to! My man friend moves from city to city for a few weeks at a time. He likes it. I would freak… :p

  2. CITY TO CITY!! wow, I would never get my laundry done, I’d probably spend all my money buying new ones in every city 🙂 Sounds like an exciting job though! and ps. I freak. every TIME!!!

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