Feeling It

Today was a great day! I got up early, 6am, and yet didn’t feel tired, I felt awesome! I had a little project to work on (hopefully I can unveil it later).  Then I luckily made it back home in enough time to kiss Dan and take the train to work without rushing, that always makes my day a little better.  I feel like we’re getting stuff done, one day at a time, for our big move.  Work flew by and I got to eat sushi with D afterward!  By the time we got back I could stand a nap. I’m not much for naps, I usually end up regretting them as they’re never as short as I plan.  Today I passed out hard for an hour and a half!  But I don’t regret it, I woke up at 7:30pm ready for my run.

About that….

I signed up for the Thanksgiving 10k in my hometown since I’m going to be visiting!!  So I found a 5 week program and yesterday was exactly, to the day 5 weeks until the race. The plan started with a rest day which worked out as I didn’t run yesterday but did a circuit workout and abs. Today the plan called for two miles so I suited up and made my way out the door.  A cool 2 miles later I was feeling good, but nature called.  I stopped at a nearby mall, grabbed a water, hit the bathroom and by the time I got out I was feeling so good I thought I’d run the 2 miles back making it 4 miles total. HOWEVER 1.5 miles in I felt so good I just jogged out an easy 3 miles – not fast, just good.  I jogged 5 miles today! Wow!  I’ll admit, having a purpose and something to look forward to put a fire under my ass (in a good way).  Remember Phoebe from Friends and her Smelly Cat song? I sing that song about my “sweaty bra”.  Try it, it’s fun…










And speaking of things to look forward to, before that 10k my mom agreed to do the Turkey Trot with me on November 20th! It’s a 5k run/walk and it’ll be my first race in the US! We won’t really be racing it as I’ll be jet lagged and it’ll be taper week for me but, I’m so excited. I’ve never raced with anyone and I’m excited about sharing the experience with my mom (and the cold weather??). Plus, we get a t-shirt 🙂

I ran my very first race almost a year ago, October 31, 2010. It was a 10k here in Singapore, The Greater Eastern Women’s 10k, so it was an all femme crowd.  Dan came to watch me at, oh, 6am and for that I will always love him. Don’t we look so awake??  Notice, how there is no sun in this picture whatsoever…yeah, usually, as performers, we don’t see this time of day unless we’re closing the clubs down.  Or like today when there are random super mysterious projects to do.











I was so pumped after my run tonight I couldn’t stay still so I whipped up some dinner for Dan while watching How I Met Your Mother on my laptop. This is my omelette surprise (the surprise is fresh shiitake mushrooms, onion and Laughing Cow cheese wedges) and homemade rosemary home fries.  I was impressed with my effort and D didn’t complain. Always a good sign ladies, always a good sign









I think Stella got her groove back, and by Stella I mean me…

How’s your weekend?  Is it crazy that I’m tempted to try to make Red Velvet cupcakes even though the birthday is over simply because Marisa gave me a buttermilk substitute??? EVEN SO, I think I may be slinging flour in the next few days.  I’m crazed I tell you, muahahahahaaaaaa (and I’ll probably be out cold in about 10 minutes).  Someone tell me something crazy about themselves quick!


About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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  1. Glad you have your groove back and yay for baking adventures! Lemme tell you, when I first moved to Albuquerque, I totally forgot about making adjustments for high altitude (we’re over 5000 ft here) and the first few things I baked were awful. I mean, totally inedible. Looking forward to hearing about this secret project.

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