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Well as promised, here are pictures from 2 of my cake wrecks this week.  You can’t tell but I intended to make Red Velvet Cake, but after several attempts to find all the ingredients (and pressed for time) I started trying other things.  My friend likes chocolate so I thought maybe devil’s food cupcakes made with orange soda!  I found one of those new bendy pans and bought it thinking not only would I be the coolest baker ever but it’s bendy, so I could pack it easily and maybe even use it to organize my jewelry in my suitcase? I was really just making excuses.  However, the bendy pan was a night mare, hot and… bendy which made pulling the cupcakes out of the oven (admittedly a counter top oven) precarious. Suck. AND I overfilled the pan so the tops started burning while the middle never got cooked at all. I smelled the burning sugar smell and just knew.  I pulled the burned tops off to see if I could salvage them and frost them, but no, they look like birds nests. AND after searching high and low I could not for the life of me find chocolate frosting here.  Only one little store sold frosting at all and it was either cream cheese or funfetti.  By the time I ran around to 4 different stores I ran out of time.  FAIL!  Then I had the white cake mix that I had bought to make a cheater quick version of the Red Velvet Cake since I knew I wouldn’t be able to conjure all the ingredients for the full version.  But then I couldn’t find NON INSTANT chocolate pudding ANYWHERE.  I found dye that I think was read called “cocheal” but I wasn’t certain.  And buttermilk? fugedaboudit! So I thought I could make a layer cake, orange vanilla bottom layer (I baked that one, that’s the one in the pictures), then chocolate top with chocolate frosting and an orange marmelade center.  NO DICE. The bottom layer smelled like a slice of orange dream heaven.  But it cooked flat, my pan was too big so the layer was thin (the other pan was too small… do I sound like goldilocks yet?) and the middle was really goopy.  and the bottom.  Oh well, still delish right? But I again searched more places and no chocolate frosting.  And without frosting, no layer cake.  I could possibly have whipped up my own frosting but I’ve never done it before and time was running short and Dan and I were packing up boxes and sending them home at the same time. My cake already seemed so ghetto, it felt like I was just painting over a hole in the wall so I threw up the white flag and bought a cake. A GORGEOUS cake that I could never have made in a million years. I have cake inferiority.  And I really really miss having a full kitchen that I’m not scared to spend money stocking for the future. Sigh.  I need to remember, I don’t have the resources to dublicate what other bloggy diva’s do… yet. But I will. Until then, though, I will have to buy beautiful cakes and stick with making my stock standard banana bread and chocolate balls.  And so without further ado my own version of cake wrecks (ps. I adore cakewrecks. it’s a great bad day pick-me-up):

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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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  1. Ah C, thank you for the share, esp. the pictures.. Couple thoughts: A) Silicone pans are eeeeevil for real baking. Don’t let the pretty colors suck you in. I too, learned that one the hard way. B) a quick 1 cup buttermilk substitute is 1 cup soy or rice milk and 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar. (whisk together, put aside for a few minutes and voila, works just great.) C) If you want a super easy frosting recipe, I have one for you [a hand held mixer is a saving grace for this one. ingredients are powdered sugar, some kind of fat (butter, margarine, crisco), flavor extract and some kind of milk like liquid]. Although perhaps this should all wait until you are not in the middle of moving. Best of luck and thank you for sharing your adventures.

  2. omg I’m glad I’m not crazy and the silicone pans really ARE evil like I thought!!! I think I’m going to try the red velvet with your buttermilk substitute, and I HAVE to try that frosting just to know I can do it if need be. Pictures to come. Love that we can still stay in touch in some way. Hey have you ever checked out that cake wrecks website?? It’s awesome and right now they have dirty halloween cakes…lol! hope all is well and I look forward to the day when we can catch up over coffee/tea/booze

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