Day Off

and this is what I’m doing 🙂 Wearing a face mask, cleaning and working on the whole packing and organizing thing and trying out new running fashion. Hey everyone else can rock the leggings and long flowy tank top and I always felt like it wasn’t flattering on me so I’m giving it a shot.

I think I’m inspired by the fact that I am uninspired by working out and yet also feeling fat and ugly and trapped in my body. So instead of dwelling on that and trying to power through p90x when I don’t want to I’m not going to.  I took an extra rest week last week because I couldn’t fit the dvd workouts into my busy week with Dan’s parents here and other comittments.  All I did was run or power-walk last week. And now I feel chubby and unkempt but also unmotivated. Yesterday I couldn’t bring myself to run, I feel clunky and heavy so I went for a 2 hour power-walk to clear my head and stretch out my legs.  It helped. But I still feel weighted down.  and I don’t want to do push ups and squats and lunges for the Core Synergistic DVD but I have to do something, something to make me feel good about myself, I need to find a way to feel good inside my body. So I’m just going to go for a run, in my running clothes and see how that feels and go from there. Then, if I can, I’ll do Core. Any advice?



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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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  1. Honey it sounds like burn out. Rest is when the body is able to build muscle & bone. Rest allows for cells to repair the stress damage from exercise. 1-2 days a week of rest is necessary. Especially if you are unable to have a “light” work out.
    Have you tried iron supplements for energy?

    • ugh, you’re probably right but I feel like I’ve been burnt out for like, 6 months, which makes me feel like I’m just lazy. How does your workout schedule look? How often do you workout? Did you ever figure out what your happy weight/size was? I’m SO CONFUSED, like I’m 12 again and feel too big for the dance team (all those girls are so much skinnier then me) but too small to lament with the bigger girls (they think I’m too skinny to understand)…

  2. Well, I’m finally at a size that makes me feel strong and sexy. I don’t own a scale, but I can see it on my face and by the way clothing fits.
    Running 3-4x week, AbX 2x week, some push ups.
    Not eating bread, rice or other ‘white’ foods has helped. With the end of triathlon season I’m worried about gaining weight 😦
    Hoping that diet modification will help.
    Do you feel “if I’m not working out, I don’t know what to do with myself?”

  3. yeah that’s exactly how I feel. But lately I also feel like “UGGG I JUST DONT WANT TO DO IT!”. Okay I was thinking of doing running 3-4x’s a week plus abs. It’s nice to know someone I consider hardcore (YOU) is doing. Do you feel that way? I don’t feel strong and sexy right now. I feel pudgy and fat.

  4. Me, hardcore? LOVE the compliment, coming from you!!
    Are you able to do something new, like swimming or scuba? Watch a concert video and dance until you ache (Madonna works for me)
    Maybe a workout buddy to help with motivation?
    You are not pudgy, not today anyways.

  5. I second the workout buddy comment! That is the single best way I know to get my butt out the door. 🙂 Also, new music is always great if you’re working out alone!

    • Thanks Casey! A workout buddy would be great. However I’m leaving the country in like, 4 weeks, and i don’t know where I’m headed yet…hmmm a virtual workout buddy? okay, I’m brainstorming 🙂 Thanks for commenting! I checked out your blog, I love it! I lived in So Cal for 5 years (moved from Ohio) and I plan to go back in the near future!!

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