Hey Y’all!!

Just a quick update!  The insomnia was just for the night apparently, thankfully! Last night I slept like a baby, the kind that sleep through the night without a necessary diaper change or feeding – which is no baby I’ve ever known except for my betsy wetsy when I purposefully dehydrated her for the night.  In other words, I was a log all night and I feel much better today!

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day in Singapore and I was off work so  Dan and his family and I all headed to the Changi War (WWII) Museum and Chapel and then went on to explore Pulau Ubin (which I’ve written about before, it’s a really cute island you can bike ride around for the day or hike as we did).  The Museum is small but packed with information. As a westerner, I forget that nearly ever country, big or small, was involved in that war.  Singapore was still under British rule and many British, Australian, Malay, Indian and Chinese were imprisoned and tortured during Japanese occupation of Singapore.

I didn’t bring my camera because I forgot to charge the battery.  I blame it on the insomnia and possibly the late night Skittles. Dan’s mom bought me this adorable purse that I’m already using today 🙂 I’m spoiled!








We ended the night having drinks at Raffles and then dinner at Chijmes.  If you’re not familiar with Singapore these are the places you have to visit as a tourist.  Raffles is a hotel named after some important General and the hotel had a bartender who created Singapore Slings to get the ladies wasted and ultimately, get laid.  It’s a beautiful story and it’s a bright pink drink! Chijmes used to be a church that is now a hotspot for nice restaurants.  It’s covered in pretty white twinkle lights which is why I like it. That’s where this picture was taken 🙂









Today, even though the fam is still visiting I had some things to get done and while I have been enjoying not really working out much (3 runs last week was all I did) I start to feel crappy when I regularly skip workouts. Besides last week can count as my rest week and this week can be my week 3 of phase 2 for p90x… to make this explaination a little shorter I really wanted to get a workout in today. I feel better overall when I do. So I stayed home while Dan took the peeps to Universal Studios today and I did some fruit grocery shopping (necessary), got in my Core Synergistics workout and finally made time to stop at Orchard for these.

They were out of Sunbutter and they are the only place here I’ve found that carries Sunbutter. And yes, everything is going to be backwards this post because I’m just using Photobooth on my Mac. I’m lazy. So I had to settle for soybutter, but, again, no one else carries soybutter except Brown Rice Paradise!  I had to get both because I don’t want to have to come back and we’re moving in less then 6 weeks!  To where… we don’t know. A story for another day but keep your fingers crossed and send us your good vibes.  and your Sunbutter…




I also picked up an unsweetened bar of baking chocolate. Why? Well, I’ve been trying out ways to satisfy my nightly need for dessert. I can be brilliantly lady-like and healthy all day. But before I go to sleep I really want something delicious – cookie dough balls, white chocolate chips, 1/3 of my loaf of banana bread (last night), a whole container of skittles. And I don’t really feel bad because I’m not gaining weight but I know I’m not contributing to my health in most instances and why spend money and consume something if you feel like you have to compensate for it by working out or dieting or something. Not that I really feel that way but you catch my drift? If it does absolutely nothing for my body I don’t think I should be consuming it.

Chocolate has antioxidents and beneficial properties.  And I read that it can be very delicious unsweetened I just haven’t tried it. and I’m all for consuming things in their purest form (cocoa nibs are delicious but really expensive.  This bar was 4.50 SGD.  A bag of chocolate chips here in Singa is anywhere between 7 and 15 bucks.  ick).  I also put a bunch of a grapes in the freezer to try for dessert.  I’ll tell you how it goes.





I’ve been having some health issues that I’m not sure how to address.  I had been diagnosed with IBS years ago and I constantly have digestive problems – painful bloating, alternating diarrhea and constipation, stomach cramps, along with other things – frequent headaches, fatigue, foggy headedness.  These are symptoms of a lot things according to google.  I had a blood panel done last year and while my hormones are ALL low, they’re still at the very bottom of the normal range so the doc wasn’t worried. I thought several times that maybe a Celiac test would be beneficial but it seems sometimes gluten makes me really bloated and sick and sometimes it doesn’t.  Then I’ll have a totally gluten free couple days and I get the same bloated crap or a migraine or chronic nausea that I can’t get past.  WTF right? So last night I looked up Candida symptoms and I seem to have a lot of those EXCEPT I don’t have chronic yeast infections (or any at all), no skin irritations, no thrush or mouth yeast problems.  Just the terrible sugar and carb cravings and the other digestive and head symptoms. Hmm

So I’m at a loss. I’ve been vegan and raw before but not for a while.  And I kind of noticed a lot of people suffering from these things ARE vegans but that could be coincidental. I don’t mean to be a hypochondriac complainer it’s just that I truly believe sickness should be an occasional thing that we’re meant to feel vibrant and energetic at least 75% of the time not just like every so often.

What do you think?

Well I’m off to finish a few chores up before meeting up with Dan and friends!


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  1. Regarding butters: I SWOON for peanut butter, but I’d probably settle for ANY nut butter. It’s SO expensive here.

    Regarding desserts: Unsweetened chocolate=Ew. It is bitter and not satiating when you crave dessert. It is called “baking chocolate” because it is meant to be put into a recipe that also calls for copious amounts of sugar. Go for the really dark stuff (80% cocoa). It’s rich and delicious and low in sugar/bad stuff. It’s the best tasting chocolate in my opinion anyway. And if you eat it with some nut butter, you’ll go straight to heaven. Frozen grapes are awesome!

    Regarding health issues: I wish I could help! My only advice would be to try a diet of completely natural items. Absolutely NO additives or processed foods. Whole grains, organic produce, organic dairy (not that you NEED dairy, but plain yoghurt might be really good for your digestive issues), and go get some probiotic pills (didn’t we talk about this when I was visiting?). That is all I have for motherly advice for the day. Love you.

  2. I LOVE you too Birney Boo!!! Thank you for the motherly advice 🙂 I’m allergic to nuts which is why I have to do the whole soy/sunflower/pumpkinseed butter thing. But I ADORE NUTS. I mean that in many ways…

    How’s the general living expense in Thailand? I’m so curious! ps. I forgot about probiotics, I stopped taking them when I ran out but they did help… updates to come.

    grapes = fabulosity

  3. Sunflower seed butter is awesome. That’s all I have to say about that… lol

    And I hear ya on the needing a dessert at night thing. I’m generally not satisfied with dinner unless I have it. But I dunno if the unsweetened chocolate would do it for me? Let us know how that one goes…

    • I’m glad I’m not alone on being a dessert person. I haven’t tried the baking chocolate yet. I ate some frozen grapes which are great… as a pre chocolate chip palate cleanser 🙂 I still wanted chocolate. I’m sure it’s just a habit! I want to try to make sunflower seed butter cups (like peanut butter cups!!)… mmmmmmm

  4. the darker the chocolate the better…I love the soap=esq taste of true chocolate lol

    I love all the photobooth pics 😛 backwards! and I’ve never had sunflower butter but it looks good.

    Thanks for visiting!

    • soap=esq!!! I actually get that! Yeah, I love dark chocolate 🙂 I haven’t tried the baking chocolate yet, I think I’m scared he he he! Love your blog, it’s one of my faves! Ps. Sunflower butter is really good especially if you can’t have peanut butter or if you need a school friendly peanutbutter substitute. The brand Sunbutter is amazing – smooth, just the right consistency!!

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