Hello from Indonesia! I’m blogging from my hotel room in my bikini, how great is my life? Dan and his parents and I hopped on a ferry yesterday morning and arrived in a little less then an hour to beautiful Bintan Island!!! I got sea sick the last time I took the ferry so I was sure to wear my uuber cool sea sick bands and chew on ginger this time.  It totally helped, I didn’t get up to puke even once.

It’s been an amazing little getaway (pictures to come!). Yesterday we swam in the pool and relaxed outside, walked around to the resorts little zoo and got to check out crocodiles, iguana’s, pythons and sting rays! And today at 3pm, we get to see them FEED THE CROCODILES!!! There will be pictures of that and maybe some scary footage. Then we had an amazing Japanese dinner and afterward spent the evening playing (well learning to play for me) Euchre, which is a card game I’d never played before. But Dan and fam patiently taught me and we were up late playing rounds and having some vacation drinks!! My favorite drink is Coke Zero with rum but they had Vanilla Vodka so I got that and asked to have a marischino cherry in it too… amazing! I love vacation!

I started this morning with a quick sneaky jog on the beach! One of my favorite things about vacations is different kinds of activities (exercising for the sake of exercising sucks and also fearing you’ll gain weight on vacation sucks too). I like living an active life and I like finding ways to be active no matter where I am. I have some little tips and tricks for vacation exercise that I use also for long days at work and on set.

For example if there is a beach or forest or path around that I can snag 30 minutes to explore while jogging I’ll do it and call that my workout. Different terrain uses different muscles and ligaments and keeps my mind engaged.  Throughout the day I’ll do air squats in the bathroom whenever I have to use the loo (or just once or twice a day).  I shoot for 25 air squats each time. If I have a hotel room or  a safe patch of ground I do crunches or push ups.  Just little quick bursts of exercise here and there does wonders for keeping your energy and metabolism up over your vacation OR busy day at work/on set.  Other tips are to travel with a deck of cards and do a card workout in the hotel room (I do that when I travel solo usually).

That’s it, I like enjoying my vacation and I don’t think I should spend my holiday with the same schedule as my regular days. However, working out in some capacity, nearly daily, keeps me from vacation fatigue, stimulates my appetite and just generally makes me feel good, better then if I get no exercise. This is the same for long shifts at work when I can’t make it to the gym, short bursts of body weight exercises keeps my energy up and therefore I’m happier and more energetic.  We have like, half the day tomorrow and then we ferry back to Singapore, but not without a tan!

Do you have any travel tips and tricks for working out?



About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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  1. yay for being on vacation! I’m jealous:-D and running on the beach is so perfect, I love it!

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