White Chocolate Chips.

…are my new favorite thing in the whole world.

Posting will be very light for the next week as I’m on vacation!! Dan’s parents are visiting and I’m not sure what we’ll be getting up to but I’m just enjoying not having a plan 🙂 Today we slept in, went out for a leisurely breakfast, walk and then nap time. I whipped up some banana bread but didn’t oil the loaf pan so I had to scrape it out in bits and pieces, it is now sitting in a tupperware in large chunks but Dan and fam gave it a thumbs up anyway (Dan – ” 9 for taste, 3 for presentation”).  Then D’s mom took me for a bit of a cardio sesh, run/walking the maze of stairs in the park behind his house.  A sweat was definitely worked up and an appetite for Indian food down on Boat Quay.  Vacation has gotten off to a brilliant start.

And now I am ending the night blog stalking in bed with some white chocolate chips for dessert…. brilliant 🙂

I’ll do my best to post some updates and pics this week.



About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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