Monday Catch Up

Well I’m out of my funk.  Officially. Though I didn’t snap right out of it, I was dark and emo for a few days.  However after a good sleep in this morning and a day off I believe that is truly what I needed. Often times when I am over tired or just haven’t had quite enough rest or down time for a couple days in a row I feel really down.

Today was a truly lovely day off.  I slept in, sub-conciously lulled by the rain and thunder (my favorite kind of weather, no joke). I had very little on my agenda.  I leisurely got out of bed and made some tea, did a little laundry while watching Grey’s Anatomy.  I then did my P90X for the day (Core Synergistics – Today starts week 2 of Phase 2), showered, folded laundry while watching more Grey’s Anatomy.  I finally left to go grocery shopping and I had time to take my time.  All this may seem like a normal day to you. But to me, it’s heaven.

I made balls while watching Grey’s (I had a fab bachelorette party to attend tonight and I can’t imagine any more appropo then a big batch of balls!), then I made Dan’s dinner and my dinner and finally got ready for the party – which was awesome!















How is 30X going?  weeeeelllll, it’s okay.  I’m already burned out. I thought going back to P90X would be easier, but in fact, unfortunately, it’s harder then it was before.  When I first began my love affair with all things Tony Horton, it was easier for my schedule. I knew I could always do whatever workout was on the sheet no matter what was on my plate for the day. I had bands, a door jamb with a pull up bar and a computer.  Bam, done – six pack abs and toned bieps (and apparently swimmer traps). But now, while I have time to do workouts I don’t have the same kind of space.  First of all, there are no moldings on the door jambs with which to hang a pull up bar, I rarely see my own house and lugging my computer everywhere is, well it’s been inconvenient.  I long for a bit more flexibility and without it I find my energy waning. Like last week I skipped legs and back. SKIPPED it completely which is pretty much blasphemy in my world. An unthinkable mishap.  But the truth is I couldn’t find a convenient place to do it or time to fit it into my weekend schedule.  I could have done a different workout that involved my legs and back, something perhaps from my iTouch app but I didn’t because I was supposed to do the P90X workout. So I did nothing on Friday and must carried on starting this week. That’s fine, I’m fit and can do the best I can and it’ll be good.  But it begs some thinking about whether this is an appropriate plan for me in the life I happen to be living at the moment.

But I will tell you this, Wednesday’s Chest, Shoulder and Tricep workout kicked the living shit out of me.  Like my boobs have been trembling since and my arms are still sore.  I haven’t felt like that in at least a year.  I suppose that’s the sign of a good workout.  Or really weak pec’s…


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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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