God Help Us

The very first time I hung out with Dan he made me watch AFL highlights (okay maybe the second time – the first time he made me look at puggles online. Well played Schumann, well played).  Specifically he showed me a youtube montage of Essendon’s golden boy Hirdy’s career highlights.  Now, this is okay with me. While I’m not a person who has gotten into NFL per se, I like sports in a general sense and I like the idea of really getting behind a team I just haven’t.  My Dad is a football fan himself and I watched games with him on Sunday’s growing up but I think I soaked up Daddy/Daughter time and I can’t remember much about the game except my Dad liked the Dolphins but just liked the sport in general.  I enjoy watching soccer and hockey the best but I haven’t followed any teams in particular, I’m usually too antsy and impatient and have workout planned…











However when Dan started explaining AFL and I looked at the brilliant, athletic physiques of the players, I fell in love.  I bought a jersey (although they call it a jumper, I just can’t abide) I actually ENJOY watching the games and listening to the replays and Dan talking about the different players. I wouldn’t say I totally understand the game but I can watch a whole game and understand most of it and find myself captivated.  Yeah, I’m a fan.











But I was completely unprepared when Dan asked me in all seriousness which NFL team he should “barrack” (Aussie term for root) for and I tried to even think up the names of the teams other then the Cincinnati Bengals (I’m not hopeless I can come up with a few but not more then like six or seven).  I haven’t watched a game since I was under 12, at least not all the way through.  He showed me a list and I tried to figure it all out but really all I can think is that wherever I go, in my heart I’ll be a Bengals fan even if I never catch a game. It’s my hometown. I saw their devastating close loss to the 49’ers when I was in grade school. We threw a party and sang Who-Dey for months.  I can’t go for any other team but I can’t make Dan wear the ridiculous orange and black because I remember the soda cans made for that team.  But like a true boyfriend (and honestly lover of the underdog that he is) the Cincinnati Bengals has become his team.  Thank goodness he’s going to be around to educated me on my own country’s sport of choice (don’t even say the word Baseball to me, I’ll cut you).  And only because of Dan do I now know that in the first game of the season we beat the Cleveland Browns 27-17.







Now if only we could get the NFL to try out the AFL’s sexy short shorts…(okay, so they’re not that short)


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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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  1. haha idk which one is better, short shorts, or the tight pants in the NFL!? 😀 lol

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