These are a few of my favorite things:




Chocolate Chips


Yeah that’s right, I said it.  Today I indulged in ALL of the aforementioned favorites.

First off I tried a fruit that my roommate recommended.

 Let me introduce you to the Thai Pommelo… or maybe you’re already acquainted but I wasn’t.  I love it.  It’s everything I love about grapefruit without the stuff I hate – bitter, sour aftertaste.  It’s not very sweet so it’s not like an orange.  And it’s gigantic.  and very rubbery in texture. Although I didn’t snap a picture of it before I peeled it, it’s the size of my head and has green skin. The skin was harder to get off then I imagined, I threw around a few f-bombs.

I think the little pieces would be really good scattered over a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream (vegan or regular, depending on what you like!) and yes, my mind does always head straight to dessert, even when I’m eating fruit for breakfast.  🙂  I’m trying to get along better with my camera, instead of feeling like a made a huge $600 mistake (although that’s kind of how I feel).  So buckle up, I’m going to be working on my photography skills…

After work all I could think about was my sushi date with Dan and the balls I’d be having later!  You may have noticed that I’m not actually vegan like I had planned to be.  There has been dairy, fish, chicken and even beef in my diet of late (okay maybe just a bite of beef from Dan’s dinner but it still counts) and I feel like I owe you an explanation.  I feel like I owe myself the ability to not feel guilty about my food choices.  There’s a niggling voice in my head that feels I’m more my self when I am eat vegan, when I think vegan.  And I’ve found myself researching the connection between eating meat and cancer, the immune system and overall health.  But that is a post all it’s own.  Phew, I’m glad at least to have the confession off my chest.  I feel like I’ve been hiding something

So this was the perfect after work feed my face date.  I was starving and loved every bite!

Then it was time for the rest of my favorites on the list to come together.

As you know I have a raging sweet tooth and I’ve been trying to get creative on how to satisfy it without giving myself diabetes.  Plus I like the idea of being able to eat sweets whenever I want and not have to be on a diet or anything.  Luckily I don’t have to be creative because other bloggers have been for me! I’ve long thought to copy Averie from Love, Veggies and Yoga in her freezer full of cookie dough balls.  She seems to savor her nightly treats as much as I do, I just haven’t even attempted to get the ingredients and whip it up and it wouldn’t be in my freezer it’d be in Dan’s.  Plus their base is nuts and I’m allergic to all nuts (though I figure I could use sunflower seeds?). I keep trying to fool myself to try something as I have terrible peanut butter cravings and I love roasted and raw nuts of all kinds.  But, alas, I don’t want my throat to close up (plus the face and neck rash I got last time I ate peanut butter was NOT sexy). Check out her site though, she’s amazing and her recipes make me salivate all over my keyboard.

Yesterday I happened to be browsing Chocolate Covered Katie and I decided, it was finally time for cookie dough ball action!  I’m just going to link to her recipe because her whole site is amazing and you’ll thank me for it if you haven’t already discovered her delectable experiments. I used oatflour and the fat free option (which just means no vegan butter in it. I assure you there’s fat in my nondairy chocolate chips)





I also tried to make one batch with the rest of my unhealthy (white) flour and sprinkles instead of chocolate chips but it turned out really wet.  They’re in the freezer now… perhaps they’ll firm up? Don’t know but it doesn’t matter.  The second batch of chocolate chip ones I halved the sugar – I only put in 1 Tblsp of brown sugar and nothing more. they were just as good, just sweet enough (and I’m a sugar fiend).

The chocolate chip ones are amazing and I can’t believe how not terrible for you they are.  AND they survived the ultimate test. Dan tried them and thought they were really delicious, and rich, almost too rich.  I think I sampled like 4 balls and some of the batter pre-ball shape and a lot of chocolate chips which leads me to my caution – I think in dough, as I’ve found in my personal life, that more than 2 balls at a time just causes trouble.  So I’ll be practicing the 2 ball rule from now on…


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