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I am not a food blogger. I did, when I first started to revamp my blogging goals toy with food/healthy living blogging.  I vowed to take pictures of every meal and snack for a month to see what I was eating and evaluate my health and weight in light of it.  I got not even halfway through the month and realized that focusing so much on what I was putting in my mouth was revealing a very neurotic side.  Because I have fought an eating disorder and the uncanny ability I have of trivializing my worth in light of my weight and how I eat, food blogging drove me batty. So I gave it up and did my best to let my writing identity emerge naturally.  But I do like to document, and write/photograph different interesting, beautiful, or delicious aspects of my life and in my attempt to whip out my camera more often I took a few foodie pictures.  The other night I made dinner for Dan so he could eat something not from Coffeebean for dinner and when he arrived home to his plate he insisted “Crista, quick, take a picture for the blog, these look great!”  It hadn’t crossed my mind but those breakfast burritos for dinner were the pride of my day, way outside of my normal pasta, rice, stir fry, or omelette for dinner.  so here are a few foodie things for your pleasure

1. I have been craving big disgusting looking bowls of hot food for dinner.  Like every night. So, while Dan got a breakfast burrito I couldn’t summon the desire for one. I whipped out all my leftover brown rice, frozen mixed veggies and spinach, a can of white beans and covered it in tomato sauce (and some nutritional yeast).  yeah, it looks like dog food.  Ugh. BUT it was exactly what I wanted and I ate the whole gigantic bowl.  and then followed it up with a big bowl of cereal.  I’m craving bowls…















2.  Dan’s breakfast burrito.  That would eggs scrambled in sauteed garlic, mozzarella cheese, sliced cherry tomatoes and avocado on whole wheat tortilla’s.  Sounds like bachelor food but I’m impressed with myself nonetheless!







3. yesterday for work I realized I had run out of my ziplocks so I got creative with a produce bag… I ate that whole 1/2 a pineapple for breakfast and the other half this morning.  Muahahaha (also note I HATE cherry tomatoes but I’m trying my best to make them an acquired taste)










4. while waiting for Dan to finish work yesterday I ended my night with a book and a perfect cup of mint tea.  Also not very like me (you mean there’s NO COFFEE or CHOCOLATE in this??) but very good.








In other pictorial news here are a few activities I tried to capture:

1. dealing with boxes…
















2. this is the cleanest and emptiest a closet of mine has ever looked.  Good thing all my clothes are at Dan’s house 🙂










3. I tried on dresses at BeBe on a whim and bought 2 of these three (can you guess?) I nearly never splurge on expensive or classes clothes but I realized 15/16ths of my closet was purchased at Forever 21.  and I’m pushing 30…. uh, I mean 22 of course!  Now I just need someone to do my hair and make up and buy me a classy pair of pumps and I’ll look like an adult!































5.  Look who I found on my way home from work….ps. I know it’s not a brilliant picture but I look like I have cleavage so I used it!! yay for boobs!








6. this has been keeping me busy at work lately.  Don’t hate, it keeps my fingers dextrous!!









BOOM! That just happened, a post in pictures 🙂 Coming soon… the rest of our Thailand trip ( a bit overdue?) and a yoga post.


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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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