The Cure

So, I guess there was no intervention needed because I woke up this morning disgusted by the thought of candy (for the first time in my life!) and actually turned off by food in general.  At the end of the day I think a good (SHORT) sugar binge is just fine every once in a while, just like I think running a marathon is okay but not every day and salad is great but perhaps not a month long mono-diet of the same salad.

However, I have been known to be a crazed lunatic about getting daily bags of candy for months at a time and that is not really healthy.  It’s not about weight or dieting, as I tend to maintain pretty much the same weight either way.  It’s really about health.  Sugar supresses the immune system.  I know this.  I had a cervical cancer scare a few years ago.  At the time I was mostly vegan, didn’t drink alcohol at all and felt like I was being healthy.  But I ate a lot of Jelly Belly’s (they’re vegan!), reduced fat Oreo’s (also vegan) and lots of coffee and creamer and diner veggie burgers… basically, while I thought I was being healthy I was also pouring toxins into my body regularly. And white sugar, the kind in gummy candy and Oreo’s keeps your immune system from being 100%.  At that point in time I took candy and cooked food out of my diet.  For a short period of time I went mostly raw and was careful about synthetic and processed foods.  I researched how to pump up your immune system naturally so I also started sleeping longer hours, taking long walks and… crying.  A lot of crying ensued and lo and behold I have been cancer free and the late stage precancer was eliminated!  Well, I also had an outpatient surgery to kill the abnormal cells as well. I don’t want anyone to misunderstand and think I wasn’t under a doctors care, I was.  But I really and truly believe that babying my immunes system helped me kick the danger to the curb.

When I woke up this morning after writing my intervention post I thought about my “addiction” to sugar. I don’t address it really because I don’t really see it as harmful, but more of something quirky about me and a little bit youthful even!  However, with my current eye problems and my history of pre-cancer and upper respiratory infections, thinking about the things that nurture my health or damage my body’s defense systems makes sugar and automatic enemy.  That’s not to say I will permanently shun my beloved Jelly Belly’s but I need to put it in perspective.  Candy is a treat. A treat I really like, but a treat nonetheless. I don’t really like the idea of “dieting” or cutting candy out of my “diet” and making rules and all that. Even Sunday Cheat Day makes me feel like I’m a fatty at fat camp.  So instead I’ll just think of what makes me healthy and happy. And a three day sugar parade is fine especially since it’s run its course. Perhaps this means I’ve developed past the dieter/post ED mind set of all or nothing! No more month long sugar benders mean no more restrictions and dietary punishments.  Just pure love baby, love for my body and love for my mind.

Also, I decided to declare Dan my sugar warden.  He He He! I will only eat candy if he gives it to me 🙂 this way it’s a gift and it’s candy – two of my favorite things!  Dan in particular reminds me that I have diabetes in my family and that I need to care for my teeth so he has a vested interest in my sugar consumption.

Plus, it’s just a fun name.  Meet, The Warden: 

(Does that mean I can have 2 pieces??)


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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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