My Life

How exciting is my life?  Here are some pictures of last week in the life of Crista:

Trinity at the INK Awards

Getting a kiss from a baby elephant in Thailand

Satnam with the Big Buddha

Playing the part of Amy in Ren’s All I Want at the Singapore Art Salon

Getting to use my southern accent…

and putting the smack down on poor Jason aka Vince

Good week, truly 🙂

As for today, it’s my second day back to work and I’ve still got vacation brain.  But I made it through, did my scheduled p90x… and then proceeded to dive headfirst into candy.  And now, fully satisfied and sugar comatose I think I’ll watch Entourage with my favorite hunk.

I have stuff to write and just no will to actually write it.  I’ve got a few posts already outlined in my journal, I had been brainstorming at work yesterday and today.  But alas when I get home I get caught up perusing other peoples blogs, the news (okay, not really, I’m just looking at the news over Dan’s shoulder) eating candy and facebooking.  How 9th grade am I?

Oh and I finally got my eyes checked after months of discomfort and downright pain.  I have really bad eyesight and I’ve been wearing contacts or glasses since my parents wouldn’t let me get contacts until I was fourteen, religiously since I was nine.  I had been slowly becoming blind probably since birth.  I could never see the writing on the chalkboard in school and got really good at reading lips when I was six years old.  When I was nine we had a mobile sight/hearing testing van visit our school and they found out that I couldn’t see.  When the teacher asked me why I  never told her I couldn’t see the chalkboard I told her the truth, I thought I could see it just as much as anyone else could.  Perhaps that’s why I thought that you wrote things down for sense memory purposes and not because you’d read them later. To this day I take notes for the physical sensation, which helps my memory, not to read them later.  However for the last six months my eyes have been burning and feeling like there’s little pieces of glass in them.  When I take out my contacts for relief they feel even worse, like I ripped pieces of my sclera or rubbed my eyeballs with sandpaper.  Gross, right? Why did I wait six months to go get them checked? I have a huge issue with doctors, everytime I go in to get a problem checked I tend to leave with a medication that I end up being allergic too–I wind up with hives, swollen throat or doubled over with abdominal pain. But my eyes can’t handle air hitting them, they felt the worst yesterday. I took my contacts out during the work day thinking maybe it’d help them but they felt horrible, I wanted to keep my eyes closed.  So I went straight to the optometrist from work. Turns out I have serious abrasions on my eyelid, spots on my cornea (so they weren’t smudges on my contacts!) and other severe eye irritations.  The verdict? no contacts for a month.  ugh.  I’ve got a few posts about walking around blind not being able to see peoples faces.  It seriously changes your world.

So until I get it together, I’m going to ride out the sugar coma… perhaps it’ll bring me inspiration 🙂 It already brought me happiness!






About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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