Ahhh sweet relaxation! Dan and I did get our tropical vacation and before I go into detail I should tell you that I failed at one of the main reasons for going—I didn’t get a tan (but the trip was still well worth it).  Yes my friends, I didn’t think it was possible but I’m even whiter then before I left.  I work a bikini every single day, all day long but that didn’t change the fact that it rained the entire trip. Well, it did let up for a few hours each night right before or after the sun went down…

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I was freezing cold most days with some nice goose bumps.  However the damp weather didn’t dampen my mood in the least! We spent our vacation doing these things mostly:


drinking (alcoholic beverages and coffee drinks – sometimes alcoholic coffee drinks!)


watching AFL…then starting from the top of the list again.

In keeping with who we are as people and the fact that it was pissing down rain, we pretty much started our vacation at Coffee World where I got one of the worlds best hazlenut lattes:

Then after trying to walk and the wet beach and getting yelled at by vendors we decided to stop at a nearby mall and get some of the best sushi I have ever eaten.  And I’ve lived in Japan!  I enjoyed every delicious bite of the sushi without snapping a photo, sorry I just couldn’t stop myself long enough. Dan and I shared a california veggie roll, a california salmon roll and a fried chicken roll! which, even my vegan loving self loved. I mean there were hearts and flowers around.  And we washed all that down with a japanese mojito.













Next we picked up some supplies at 7-11 (rum and coke for the room and tanning lotion that we had no idea we wouldn’t use all weekend) , checked out our hotel’s rooftop pool









and hit up the beach for some drinks at a place we could kick off our shoes and have our toes in the sand while drinking a Zombie and a Mai Tai (both for me, I can’t remember what Dan drank but I think there was banana in it?)


After walking around after our drinks we decided to finish off the gastronomic tour of Thailand for day one with dinner at Tantric.  Indian food in Thailand.  and let me say it was amazing!  We shared come kind of delicious spiced vegetable, butter naan, palaak paneer, butter chicken and rice.  And oh my goodness I at so much and it felt sooooo goood.  I washed it all down with black russian.

That my friends was only day one but it ended brilliantly.  I’m going to leave you for now and write about the rest of our trip tomorrow.  Just know that it involved a lot of fun and a lot of food 🙂  and I promise some of it was actually Thai food! yay .  Oh, one more thing for those of you who may have, like me, suffered from eating disorders or what I like to call food nazi-ism (or weight freakishness) I weighed myself before this happy vacay then ate and drank with abandon and didn’t exercise. Then like the fanatic I am I weighed myself the minute I got home and guess what…I didn’t gain a pound. Or an ounce even. I am EXACTLY the same as when I left. Take that negative weirdo fears!!!


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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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