On Romance and Committment

On Friday morning I am leaving for my first romantic vacation! Dan and I are going to Thailand.  It hadn’t really sunk in yet especially since I’ve been nervous about getting stuff done.  But this morning I woke up and did my normal mental checklist of things to do… 1. work, lunchbreak p90x, afterwork rehearsal till late, pass out so I don’t have bags under my eyes for Tomorrow. 2. all day event (don’t forget to bring boots) if there’s a long enough lunch break do ab ripper, come home around midnight.  and then it hit me, the next thing on the list would be “leave for the airport at 6:30am” oh wow. Oh WOW. When am I going to pack?!

Fortunately this is a 3 day getaway to the beach meaning minimal packing but knowing me, without adequate planning I’ll forget my contact solution and Dan’ll have to spend the vacation as my seeing eye dog. All of that aside, I’m really super stoked 🙂  I’ve been to Thailand twice before and it was under completely different circumstances.  I went with one of my best friends during kind of a trying time in both our lives last year and we had a blast, although we were drunk the majority of the time, I got stung by a stingray and had to go to a hospital located on one of the Phi Phi Islands and neither of us were adventurous enough to try local food.

We ate at Subway and Starbucks and I didn’t want to give up my workouts even for a day so hungover me worked out in our hotel.  I’m sure they were great workouts…

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This time the only things on our agenda are to sun bathe and read on the beach and if we feel like it ride an elephant and go on a speed boat tour of the Phi Phi Islands (which is how I ended up in the hospital last time… but I had a great time!) and I have stayed committed to my workouts the last few busy weeks even though it was a challenge.  But I know I want to, for once, go on a short vacation and live completely in the moment.  I am not on a diet and P90X can wait until I come back which means I’ll be off schedule, but in all honesty this is a really good exercise for me.  I always feel like things are black and white and you can’t even dabble your toes outside the lines or everything will fall apart.  Well they won’t!  I’ll come back and start week three (for the second time) on Tuesday and so I’ll be doing an extra week before my recovery week because that works out better for me and my vacay!   go me!

So I’ll be off the grid until next Tuesday but I’ll come bearing pictures (and hopefully a tan).  Wish me luck tomorrow as I try to bust out a bit of a workout while at the Shangri La…


About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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