Life is a blur at the moment.

Is it trashy to wash your vegetables at work with baby wipes? or eat them off of kleenex?

This week has been a crazy crazy blur. And there’s no point in thinking it’s going to slow down.  I’m going to be hyperventilating into a paper bag until Aug 26 when I leave with Dan for a Thailand vacay (I CAN’T WAIT!!!).  Then we get back August 29th and that night is a very important performance.  I’m going to be performing Ren’s original All I Want at the Singapore Art Salon with the one and only Jason Miller.  I’m so excited. But I’m also rehearsing and performing this week on top of work, finishing a submission for my next job 🙂 and trying to keep my P90X head afloat.  I may have had a mini melt down in front of Dan to which he, in his constant patience, waited until I was finished panicking and told me it’d be okay and we talked about the time line of the next week or so. And of course I felt much better.

Yesterday I had a million things to do and at one point during the day I thought “I might have to let P90X go for a few weeks” I felt that familiar panic, like I’m going to lose my body, my identity, my career if I miss a few weeks of working out.  But at some point as I’m trying to secure future employment and living my current employment plus extra curriculars that hopefully help further my abilities for my future employment I had to consider the possibility that those things outweigh my need to workout.  Arg. But also kind of freeing.  This week working on choreographing a few dance sequences so I could have a finished dance demo reel was important and needed to be given more attention and time then just slapping something together so I could get to Ab Ripper X because without it or without good footage I might not have a job after this.  I know, I’m dramatic, but it seems my priorities sometimes are wack.  So I came to terms with the fact that Tony Horton and I may need a “break” and got to work on my dancing.

The story doesn’t end there though, I finished my demo in record time and still had my lunch hour free… so I did my P90X workout.  I’m still on schedule, I have my demo done and tomorrow, even though I have work a rehearsal and a performance I will have some time in between sets to, most likely, get my scheduled workout in. The moral of this story, though, isn’t get your workout in no matter what. I learned that my workouts have to take a backseat to a select few things.  I always make my workout a priority, and I’m not sorry that it’s important to me.  I like to be fit, feel athletic and capable and probably most importantly, feel confident when I show up at work or at an audition or tell people I am a professional performer.  There’s no way that working out isn’t a real priority for me.   HOWEVER, giving up the idea that not following a schedule to a T will result in utter ruin is an important lesson of the last week.  Even though I still got my workout done yesterday, there are going to be days when I have to choose between a few important things – working out, spending the small amount of free time I have with Dan, getting something done for my career and in the interest of my future (and my future relationship) working out has to be third.

And now, a very rare thing is happening. I’m actually in bed at ten pm.  and as soon as I finish writing this I’m going to bed.  I have been working on demo reels, auditions, rehearsals, updating my website, responding to overdue emails until the wee hours of the morning lately.  Then with every one of my breaks at work spoken for I can tell I’m getting sick from not having any down time.  I did my cardio over my lunch break today and then every other break I chilled.  I need to.

So, send me your good vibes and I’ll send you a good post (soon)!

Also tell me what you’re up to!  Any revelations lately?? Any tips and tricks for prioritizing or fitting it all in?

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About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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  1. livinglearningeating

    Traveling is the best, have fun in Thailand!

    I’ve been hoofing it all around London and it’s been great fun. 🙂 Check out my site ( ) for pics!

    I hope to see pics from Thailand!

  2. I LOVE your site! I will definitely be posting pictures of Thailand! I’ve been really lucky to get to travel so much but I’ve still never been to Europe, can you believe it?
    I’m so excited for Thailand I’m kind of shaking 😉

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