Fashion Friday

Written Last Night:

First: I am… drunk.

Okay, maybe I’m just solidly buzzed as I’ve managed to spell most of the previous words correctly on the first or second try.

Second: I never blog about fashion because, in the spirit of honesty, I’m not that fashionable.  I am the stereotypical late bloomer who had trouble matching her shoes to her purse or knowing what Manolo’s were until I was well past 25.  However I did manage to get a comment from one ex-boyfriend to the tune of “geez Crista, you make your clothes your bitch!” which made me proud and now I am going to post an outfit with pride

  I have to say I love this outfit I wore to a friends wedding reception tonight. BUT, I can’t really take credit for it since I would have never picked this out myself! My best friend of ten years sent this dress to me for my birthday.  She is someone who really knows me better then I know myself. When I opened the package I thought 3 things. 1: That is a beautiful dress! 2: I would have never picked that out! and 3: I’m fairly certain that is tooooo small for my hips.  Okay, there was a fourth too… it was wow, I’ve always wanted to be able to pull of a dress with pockets but I think my hips and ass are too big.  However, Dan loved it, asked me to try it on and loved it even more.  So when I got the reception invite two days ago I thought, what a perfect opportunity to wear The Dress!  But the dilemma was I didn’t have shoes to match!  If you know me, you know my wardrobe consists of a lot of black and neutral colors with a few bright tank tops and basic heels and lately, cute sporty athletic shoes.  I’m not a bright colors, fashion statement kind of girl.  The red floral dress I wore for Dan and my anniversary was a departure from the norm.  No one would say I’m conservative or  without a signature style I just couldn’t articulate to you what it was.  I like to keep my clothes pretty simple and use my hair, eyeliner, hat or shoes as my statement pieces. Yeah, I would have never picked out this floral, form fitting, feminine dress with pockets. Which is exactly why Melanie knows me better then I do.  The minute I put it on I got compliments (and not just from Dan).  and even though I had my reservations about how it would fit me, it ended up fitting like a glove (and by that I mean, it skimmed over my hips like it was sewn to their exact measurements and caressed my bust so I didn’t need a bra AND didn’t look like a skank).  Melanie is a genius.  The last issue was footwear.  I didn’t know what to wear with the dress and as I’d worn through my last pair of black pumps (like, nail poking out of the heel) I was stumped.  I looked for ages to find yellow or creme or flesh colored heels, maybe with a peep toe? But the last store I went into last night was Pull and Bear and these coral wedges were on sale for a third of the price of the lackluster pumps in the wrong color I’d been scouring all evening.  It was impulse, I didn’t even try them on but they fit and the pink matched well enough.  Yeah baby, I’m glamourous for the night

Well, since I don’t know how to use my camera you won’t get a pic of the blushing bride (I thought I took a picture but indeed, I just pushed a button and flashed the bride a test flash apparently).  In fact most of the pictures I thought I took tonight I didn’t end up taking.  Hmmm guess I have to hit the user manual hard this weekend?

But here are a few from the reception:

All in all, it was awesome. She is one of my favorite people and I was so happy to get to see her on her special day.

In other news, I felt like a badass because I’ve been able to fit P90X into my super busy schedule!  Yesterday I ran 3 miles in between sets and today I did my Ab Ripper and Legs and Back… and I’m proud to say that after a good 10 months off I can still do pull ups!  Not as many as before but I got 6 in.

Written this morning:

Dragging myself out of bed.  Muscles are SOOOORE.  Bring on Saturday…and coffee, lots of coffee!


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