Coming Up… 30X Part 3!

Well, clearly I’ve been too busy (and tired) to blog.  I think I’m on the end of this sick week, fingers crossed.  I did break my workout embargo yesterday and got a nice, slow, sweaty 3 mile jog in after work. It felt really, really good to conjure a sweat not associated with a fever 🙂 I’m still stuffy and tired though.  Today I just went for a measly 1 mile walk in between sets at work and then napped until the last set.  I feel like someone has sucked all the vigor out of me.  Everytime I get sick I have this overly dramatic fear (and I voice it too), that I’ll NEVER FEEL HEALTHY AGAIN.  And I start planning how I’m going to manage exercising and life in general around my new found exhaustion and swollen glands.  I always get better though! Have you ever seen that youtube video of “David at the Dentist”? That’s me “is it going to be like this forever???”  to which Melanie laughs at me.  And now Dan does too.

But I have a few exciting things going on anyway!  First I bought that new camera and realized I haven’t been utilizing it or else my blog would be plastered with pictures.  So I’m trying to incorporate my camera being in my hand in daily life.  So far I’ve only managed to remember on my way home from work yesterday to meet up with Dan for dinner, so today you get artistic pictures on the train and on the walk to his apartment, at Chimes for dinner (I was intrigued by the glow of the midori and sprite) and the beggar cat that was hovering around our table…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And more exciting, my friend Bernie has come to visit!!!  Singapore is so far away from the states that the only other American friend who’s been on this side of the world is Melanie.  It’s so nice to see another person from LA I kinda want to just sit really close to her and soak up the beach and the vibe.  Creepy sounding? perhaps. Oh well!  It’s nice seeing a familiar face from another world and to introduce her to my boyfriend and hear about her crazy sexy cool life of a world traveler.  She’s just been globe trotting and Singa is enroute to her next exotic destination.  I can’t wait to take pictures of her adventures here!!

And lastly, what I guess we’ve all been waiting for… the next 30 day experiment. Although I fear it’s going to be anti climatic.

I know that right now during this time of transition, busyness, stress and the desire to really enjoy my last few months in an exotic place with the love of my life that my workout can’t be complicated, too much of a time investment or too great of a trial. I also need something that will help me look audition ready… brag worthy if you will 😉 Feeling good about how you look before you go into a period of auditioning or (fingers crossed) a new job is really crucial. So I’m going with what I know. The schedule and workouts I trust and know I can do whether I’m at home, at Dan’s, have access to a gym or a dvd player or not.  I’m doing P90X again.  But with some tweaks.

The first time I did p90x I got in the best shape of my life!

Say hello to my 2009 abs:









and this was only after week 3.  and yeah, looking at this picture makes me remember why I’m doing this again!  However, like most things, I went crazy, took a lot of protein and bulked up quite a bit to where I didn’t feel good, I felt heavy like a brick.

So this time around there will be no increasing weights, there will be no pre and/or post Syntha 6 shakes and there will be no (fingers crossed) heart break grief that makes me spend all my time practicing to be a meat head instead of dealing with my feelings 🙂

So instead of 30 days, this is a 90 day experiment – (30X)3 if you will.  The interesting thing about this is that it will take me right up until my contract ends.  Here is my experiment:

1. do P90X Lean program

2. instead of using the cardio dvd on cardio days or the kenpo dvd I’ll be running.  This is what I did the last time as well.  I’ll be doing essentially 3 running days as I’ll use my rest/stretch day for a long run. I don’t want to lose all that I’ve gained in my running training and I’ve come to really love what I get out of running.

3. I said no diets this year.  BUT I will be eating clean all week (if you’ve never heard of clean eating check out Tosca Reno.  She’s the goddess of clean eating in my book) and saving my treats and sugary fun for Sundays and Sunday only.  This worked really well for me last time. I did call Sunday “Cheat Day” and while for some people having a cheat day is restricting and triggering for me it was like a game, it was fun and I loved what I ate during the week so having treats on Sunday was just like having a day of playing volley ball with your friends-not really a reward for restricting during the week. I never let myself be hungry, I never fasted. Hell, I never worked out on an empty stomach even though my trainer suggested it! Eating clean gave me freedom. I always forget that until I look back. It was a game. I love having a Sunday cheat day and I’ve noticed when I eat sugar during the week, on days I workout it affects my energy (I’m not big into other kinds of treats, I never crave pizza, rarely crave fries – although sometimes, I almost ALWAYS want cookies, candy, chocolate or icecream for treats!)

4. Shall I challenge myself to continue working on finding positive affirmations (preferrebly in another language a la Jackie?!) OK! Help me out with this one guys!


I have my reasons for not taking up other ideas. I realize since I’ve done this before it may not seem like a challenge. But it is.  I attached this workout and diet and the body I got from it to my past.  And also to the uncomfortable bulkiness I obtained. But in looking back I didn’t become bulky until I started eating off the clean plan, adding more cheat days, eating out of sadness, adding extra workouts out of a sense of needing to gain control of life in general.  When I was happy and focused I got good results.  I want to see what results I get now.

I didn’t take up Shaun T and his gorgeous abs in the form of Insanity because I realized I wouldn’t have the energy or desire to run and also that I don’t always have the option to workout directly with a DVD.  I have workout spreadsheets for P90X to use on the days I have to do the workout at the gym and not follow Tony Horton.  That was an important factor. I considered doing yoga 4 times a week and running 3.  But I really, really wanted a defined plan I could do without thinking about it outside of workouts, wondering whether it was working or not, because I don’t have the time or energy for it.

So, help me out! I need it. I’m excited… we start Monday people!


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