I Am Weird and Day 29

I am having trouble sleeping.  Last night, I tossed and turned for hours and I knew I wanted to get up earlier then usual so I could squeeze in a few miles towards my 100. I have a pretty packed weekend, for example, tomorrow I have a rehearsal at 9:30 am (until a undetermined time) another quick rehearsal at 1:30 and then work from 3-9 and THEN a bowling date with Dan and some friends (yay!).  And Sunday is similar. and Monday my 100 miles are “due”.  Now, no one has a gun to my head, but I like to finish what I start, most of the time.

This morning after passing out just a few hours earlier I woke up before my alarm and groaned.  Dan asked why and I explained I needed to get up to pound out at least a few miles but I didn’t sleep… et al. I said “will you think I’m a loser if I’m short like, 6 miles of 100 by August 1st?”  He said “No, ONLY you will think you’re a loser.” Long story short I decided to rest with Dan throughout the morning and then just go to work.  But once at work, at the encouragement of a friend, we figured out that I could run outside backstage in between sets!! OH MY GOSH!  I had a relatively short break after my first set but I ran a mile and got back in time to cool off and retouch my makeup.  After the second set I ran 2 miles!!  I finished 3 miles towards my 100 while at work and I let myself sleep in this morning.  The fact that I’m committed enough to take my down time between sets and jog a few miles makes me feel amazing.  What’s weird (hence my title) is that I totally felt good about myself, got a little rush at “fitting in” my workouts in whatever time I had – the rush I thought I was going to get from running a half marathon.  I. AM. STRANGE.  but whatev!

On top of all of that, I had energy for my dance rehearsals tonight 🙂 Woo! I blame it on the fact that I finally tried what many bloggers have been swearing by that I  never thought I’d like:











Iced Coffee 🙂 Well a venti iced americano with sugar free vanilla and a splash of soy milk. Delicious.  I will be repeating this performance.  Pushups and situps however fell by the wayside today.  I will hopefully NOT be repeating that lack of performance.

Thanks to Lisa, I’m going to be considering Insanity for my next …er 30 OR 60 day experiment 🙂  Will get back to you.  Any other suggestions, ideas or warnings?


About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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