Day 28 and Counting…

Alright, I’m racing the clock to finish this 100 miles before August 1st! I did 3 miles over my lunch break at work today.  I had the best of intentions to do a HIIT, say 30 minutes of easy jogging interspersed with moderate and sprints.  I did 3 cycles and my hamstring felt really tight.  I tried one more cycle and then jogged easy the rest of the time.  I know I’m not supposed to push speed for another week, I guess I just always have to test the limits a bit 🙂 Lesson learned, easy jogging until next week to let my legs recover from the race.  After work I wanted to wait for Dan so we could have dinner together so I jumped on the work treadmill to just walk and catch up on Shape and Men’s Health!  A little easy cardio at the end of my day but I was so impatient I did 2.6 miles.  I don’t know what’s up with me today, my brain is having a major A.D.D. issue!

Speaking of brain, look at what I found in this months Men’s Health











Interesting especially in light of my half marathon experience.  I told Dan it was so odd, I was feeling so good and uplifted and enthusiastic while racing and then as soon as I stopped running my mood dropped.  It felt more hormonal then anything else and I couldn’t shake for a few days.  Sounds like I need to work on my emotional intelligence!!

So, what needs to be discussed now is the the next 30 day project.  Having a goal pushes me to work harder, be more committed.  I always first go back to p90x, should I jump in again? See what results I get? But again I have my reservations.  I’m coming into a very very busy time.  We are ending our contract.  There is regular work, and rehearsals for the Singapore Art Salon that I’m participating in at the end of August and a cabaret I’m rehearsing quite a bit for.  Plus my weekly silks training. I’ll want to rest my body and my mind sometimes and spend time with Dan. I am feeling exhausted in and overbooked at the end of most days.  But I want to go into this audition period looking and feeling awesome.  What to do?  I’m thinking some short high impact workouts that still allow me all my activities and one long run a week.  Ideas?  I’m leaning towards Craig Ballantyne’s crazy 8 workout.  It’s a HIIT that takes 20 minutes that you can do in any room.  I usually hate this type of workout, it forces me to push my capacity without a trainer.  You don’t get as much out of the workout if you’re trying to do it slow and steady (my forte).  But it’s quick and high impact.  With all my other commitments, this would be easy, time wise, to fit into my schedule.  I’m thinking something like 3 days/week crazy 8.  2-3 days running with one day being a long run? I know I want to do resistance training again someday but I feel with silks and dancing I’m getting good toning in.  hmmm, I”m going to look around…

Ideas? Things you want me to try for you?


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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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  1. What about Insanity? It’s a 60 day program, instead of 90 like p90x. Also, you don’t have to buy any weights or anything at all. It’s a really good program, I have it, I just should use it more 😉 Oh, but Beachbody just came out with a new one too called Insanity Asylum and that’s like Insanity, but more intense and only a 30 day program! 🙂 I have a link if you wanna check it out. & it’s under the “Shop” tab. Hope this helps!

    • ooooohhhh thanks! I’ve considered Insanity in the past but never actually did it. This may be the time! I do love to drool over Shaun T’s abs… er i mean technique?

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