Proudest Monkey and Why I Run Part 2


Went for a run.  First one post Halfy.  I kept it short and sweet and made Dave Mathews my running…er. jogging buddy 🙂  3 mile easy jog and 3 mile walk home with 75 push/situps in between (I saved the last 25 for dessert tonight!)  The jog felt good, I’m glad I had the time to relax into it today.

Why I Run Part 2 (and much shorter then before) –  because running is my metaphor for life.  I passed a milestone, I ran my first half marathon and yet I was disappointed and I really don’t have a solid understanding of why I felt disappointed.  And yet I’m running again today.  Because disappointment never stops me from doing anything it just makes me set defined goals. I’ve said before running is kind of how I work out the rest of my life.  Not because getting sweaty and doing cardio “fixes” things for me but the combination of time spent and steady exertion gives me a place to work out what is really going on in my life, what exactly are my expectations of myself and the things I do and if those expectations are based on reality or fantasy.  And no matter what answers turn up I continue to run, just tweaking the things I’ve found to be amiss or trying out different ways to do it. and if I just keep running the same way I won’t get any better, I’ll still be a runner but a stagnant one. Just like in my life.  Analyze, but keeping going, keep working on getting what you want, be patient, spend the time. And if you keep at it but don’t change anything, nothing will change.  My words to live by and so running has become my activity to live by.

Today was a nice active off day

I got to start the day with some silks:








Then my aforementioned cardio:











Then dance with my lovely girls.

Now I get to wind down with my favorite someone.  Perhaps a little more cardio…. sorry, sorry, I’m kidding.  Unless he’s up for it…


About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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