Fave of the Day

Convo with Dan:

Me: ARGH!  Well, I guess, on the bright side, I must really be a runner since I’m disappointed at the results of my first Half Marathon.  Yeah, that must mean I’m really a runner now

Dan: You’re a runner because you actually ran 21k.

Me: No, I ran a really slow time. Tons of people can run faster then me without training or without caring.  I’m a runner because knowing that bothers me and I’m going to train to be faster.  I guess I didn’t know I cared so much.

Dan: NO, you’re a runner because you own Vibram FiveFingers, a hydration backpack, a Nike+ band and shoes with bungee laces!

Good point Dizzle (he’s clearly a winner), good point.  Either that or I’m a paraphernalia freak.  I choose runner 🙂

Recovery info I’m reading:

Strength Running

Cool Running

Running Times


About evafitness

I fell into fit-love like falling into a well! I started this blog because I realized how much of my day I spent working out, trying new physical activities, reading fitness blogs and the like. Now I'll share my questions, findings and general fitness environment with y'all!!

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  1. I have Vibrams Five Fingers, a hydration pack, and shoes with bungee laces but I can assure you that I am no runner. I try…. Lordy, do I try but I can’t get my head in that game.

    Put me in a weight room with the GymRats, MuscleHeads and Deaders and I’m right there with ’em!

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