Look What I Found!!! Day 19



Ever since I stumbled onto Blonde Ponytail’s blog I have been itching to try nuun… and I found it at GNC today!!! Um, I’ll just be trying it though, cuz this tube cost me $13.50.  It better make me run like the wind (or at least help me avoid passing out from dehydration)











Speaking of dehydration, I went out for a quick 3 mile jog today around 4:30pm.  I wanted it to be my speed workout (thanks to Carrie’s advice I’ll be “tapering” before the race).  Speed my ass, the heat hit me like a brick wall and I could feel the salt crystals forming my face after only a mile.  Which means I was not quick and it took everything in me just to finish. I’m guessing I didn’t hydrate properly before hand.  The good news is twofold – I did, in fact get my 3 miles in and when I finished I felt a yearning to do a long run.  This is good because I’ve got the longest run I’ve never done yet coming up on Saturday.  3 miles was just recently my “long run” distance and now I feel like I needed at least 2 more miles to make this workout normal length.  This is a good sign.  I grabbed an ion water and walked another mile to keep my legs loose.  Alas, I have lazily only done 10 push/sit ups today.  For shame!

But my upper body did get a good workout since I was able to do an hour of silks today thanks to the kids gym nearby that allowed me to take down their kiddie trapeze and rig up my silks in between their baby classes.   It was good to get back up there and to find out that the running, has helped my endurance 🙂  My arms will be sore tomorrow but I spent the whole hour climbing up and down and I didn’t have the stamina before.  YAY! I tried to take a few videos, using my new camera bendy tripod but alas, I realized later, once watching them, that the camera slowly pointed up during my routine so that I have my foot, my butt and then the ceiling for the rest of the clip.  Classy.  ah well there’s always next week!! I really missed working on silks so I’m hoping to make this a regular thing and build up my repetoire!









I just wanted to show you that I wore my new favorite shoes today 🙂

Okay now I have some important business to attend to…. syncing my new Speedo mp3 from Danny!!! I want to be able to use it for the race on Saturday (and Sunday – though I’m thinking that one’s going to be more like a hobble then a race).  And once the races are over I’m going to use it start pool workouts!!! You can attach it to your goggles strap and go swimming with it! I couldn’t possibly use any more exclaimation points in a paragraph!!!!!







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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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