30 ROCK!

It was my birthday yay!  And it was amazing- sleeping in, going to breakfast with Dan!  After work I had amazing friends put together a party – there were drinks, prezzies, love, a delicious blueberry and chocolate cake that was so delicious I wanted to shower in it and lots of fun! I am really, really lucky.  There’s so many amazing people that are in my life.  I even learned what twerking is (and isn’t) and why Willow Smith whips her hair (and why I shouldn’t attempt to do the same). Unfortunately, like a tool, I forgot to charge my phone and so took no pictures of the fun and games 😦  Here are a few pictures I took before the camera died but they’re Dan and I after the Essendon/Adelaide game, on our way to work on my bday, the massive amount of jelly belly’s (my favorite food!) from my girl Chelsea who KNOWS what makes me happy, and the blueberry chocolate cake that Mel and the gang got for me.  This pic does not do it justice and no, I did not take pictures AFTER I attacked it with a fork.  It. Was. AMAZING.

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D-Rock surprised me with the Speedo waterproof mp3 player that i have been drooling over, never thinking I could own one myself!! I may have peed a little when I opened it up.  Yeah, it’s pink and black and I see it as an invitation to try to work those swimming laps into my routine after the races this weekend.  He also got me a hydration backpack!!! I have been trying to figure out how to drink while I run for long distances.  I’ve been planning my long runs to take me past the esplenade so I can buy a sports drink around mile five but I didn’t know what I was going to do for race day.  When I’m racing I NEVER stop at water stations (call me stubborn).  I’m planning to do much running this week before the race.  I told myself a few 2-3 milers to keep my legs loose is all I need but I’m going to do those short runs with my hydration pack and practice drinking on the go!  I have the best boyfriend ever 🙂 He always finds ways to support what I’m in to.

I wanted to write a special post because, well, this is a special birthday for me. No I’m not turning 30 (or “dirty thirty” as Dan has already coined).  That’s next year 🙂 But my 29th birthday is special because it’s the last year of my twenties. And I had this brilliant plan to make a list of my 30 before 30 (thirty things I want to do before I turn 30).  And I still think that’s a great idea, but, it’s been hard to decide.  in the past year, living here in Asia, I haven’t really known where I’m going after and what to plan for.  I can’t plan to hit Italy and England next year because if I get a show in Macau there’s no way for me to do that without putting off a trip to see Dan.  I have my priorities but they’re basic.  They are 1. perform to make money 2. be with Dan one way or another .  That’s it.  I am a performer and I love my boyfriend.  Of those two things I’m sure, however I don’t know what will become of all of it.  I need to satisfy those two priorities but in all honesty it’s going to take some doing. Dan and I are citizens of different countries AND we have different skill sets and our jobs are left to the mercy of people watching us audition.  As in we could be accepted by totally different companies.  So my 30 before 30 has been quite a challenge to come up with seeing as how it has to bend to whatever situation I may find myself, in the coming 4 months. Dan reminded me that we live the kind of lives where we do things regularly that the average person would put on a list like that  and thinking from that perspective gave me some insight.  I’ve come up with only 10.  So here is a list of 10 before 30 that I would really like to do.  Do you have a suggestion?  I’d love to hear some ideas on what to do before thirty.  Any post thirty year olds have some words of wisdom?

30 Before 30 (or 10 before thirty but it’s just not as catchy…)

1. Run a Marathon – I want to run one, my first full marathon before I turn thirty, even if it’s just the day before.

2. No Diets – I can’t remember not being on some kind of diet, or falling out of some kind of diet since I was 9 years old THAT’S 20 YEARS OF DIETING  and I’m still trying to find the one that makes me skinnier?? So this last year of my twenties there will be no paleo-slocarb-strictfood-cleaneating diets.  There will be no diets.  There will be food and there will be exercise but nothing I have to have a flash card to follow the rules of.  I am a healthy eater.  I eat mostly plant based whole foods and when I’m over controlling those foods everything falls apart.  Lets see if I can show you (and by you I mean me) that I can be healthy, thin, happy, athletic and hirable without following a specified eating plan. I want to drink wine and eat bread with Dan in the mediterranean (or just in a mediterranean restaurant),  I want to have cake on my birthday, I want to enjoy an artisan beer after a race. I thoroughly believe that my body is healthy and knows when it’s eating too much or too little.  This is where it gets to finally assert itself.  there’s always my thirties to get all crazy and strict again 🙂 the one caveat to this is the following and will get it’s own post in the near future

3.Vegan year – I love how my body feels when I’m vegan.  I have a whole body and spirit reason for this that I’ll make a seperate post.  I want this to be a vegan year.  I went back and forth on this one too because I’ve been reading so much stuff about both sides of the coin, the argument for meat consumption, the paleo/caveman approach and how vegan can often be a vehicle for post eating disorder restriction and also arguments about the adverse affects animal products have on our body.  It all gets confusing but I know how I feel and how freeing being vegan is to me.  That’s not to say that I’m 100 percent all the time, but mostly.

4. Get an Agent (acting or dance) in whatever country I end up in – can you believe I’ve never had an agent?

5. Get one thing published – magazine article, short story…

6. Go skinny dipping– this may seem like a weird one but I’ve never done it and I kinda just want to for fun.  and what better time then when you’re in your twenties?!

7. Visit europe, even just one city on one layover- I’ve lived in Asia and i’ve visited south america but I’ve never had so much as a layover in Heathrow.  So even if it’s just commuting somewhere I want to set foot in a european country before I turn thirty

8. Get my third tattoo – I’ll explain it when I get it.  But I want it.

9. Spend a Holiday with family – this was Dan’s suggestion when I asked for his help on this list. I haven’t spent a holiday season with my family for years, I’m always working.  A few times I had Christmas Dinner in California after shows with my beloved Aunt and Cousins and I miss them.  It doesn’t matter the holiday, I want to see my family this year.

10. Resubmit to Cirque Du Soleil (and others) – there WILL be new aerial and dance footage to revamp my show reel.  After you send in a reel and get a rejection from cirque you have to wait 12 months to resubmit.  I won’t resubmit until I have new material for them to look at…. must. get. crackin’

feed back??

As for 30x, I’ve finished my 25 miles for this week (thanks for the FB encouragement Tamera!!)  and I took yesterday as a rest day and it looks like to today will count as a rest day too 🙂  I’m tired.  There’s a slight possibility I’ll go for a long walk but as the minutes pass that possibility turns into a probability that today will be rest day #2 for this week.  I am okay with that.  I have a 5k jog scheduled for tomorrows lunch break.  I did manage 70 push/situps on my bday yesterday but alas, I have done a whopping none today.  and I also don’t think that’s going to change.  So tomorrow will be back to the grind.

For affirmations I’ve been thinking up race mantras/affirmations to keep me from getting scared about the races.  Do you have any affirmations or race mantras to share??? I’d love to hear them!



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