It’s been a record breaking three days since my last post…did you miss me?? This one’s not going to be epic, suffice it to say I’ve been busy living, enjoying and having a life and I passed out dead asleep without blogging! But here are the stats I know you’re dying to know:
1. I just ran 5 miles (well I ran 4 and walked 1) meaning that I have hit my weekly goal of 25 miles for this week – right on track for my 100 mile goal!! YAY
2. I have been doing most but not all of my push/sit ups… like today I’ve only done 30 so far and I can bet that I’ll crank out more, but I’ve fallen short most nights even if only by 10. While I should be disappointed, I’m not! I don’t know why but I feel pretty good even getting 40-80 done every day
3. next weekend is race weekend!!! and I’m getting nervous but excited about it too… woo!!

4. I had done a 5k over lunch yesterday and rode the stationary bike on wednesday.  Those were my light days

Now for an update about tonight (here’s where the favorites come in!). Tomorrow is my 29th birthday!! Expect an epic post tomorrow as I HAVE been working on that this week. I work tomorrow from 3pm-9pm and then afterwards my birthday twins (all of us born on the 16th) are going out! They’re having a dinner and then going dancing but since I have to work I’ll be joining them probs for the dancing (and drinking!) only. Dizzle and I were planning to have breakfast at Boomerangs cuz, lets face it, thats how I like to celebrate everything 🙂 he casually mentioned this morning that we could do a Boomerang’s double header because Essendon was playing Adelaide tonight after we finished work….what do you think I responded?? HELL YES!! So my birthday celebration starts tonight, shandy in hand! To spice things up a bit, I made a wager, if Essendon wins tonight I will wear their official jersey whilst running the Half Marathon next weekend!

Everytime I go out for a run Dan asks if I wore my jersey but I said I don’t want to get it sweaty. His reply is that’s what it’s made specifically for. SO if the boys win tonight it’ll be getting plenty sweaty next weekend!! If you haven’t checked out Australian Footbal League… do it. Then when you fall in love with it you can follow and support Essenden like me!!!


About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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