Day 10 – What Did I DO

Oh Snap, I guess it’s legit, I’m really doing this… July 23rd, work and then go to half marathon, flag off at 7:00pm. July 24th 10k flag off at 7:10am!  oh my, oh oh my. Keep me in your thoughts!





In other news I ran a brief 2 miles after work today completing a total of exactly 25 miles this week!  Yay, right on track! I did my 100 push/situps too 🙂 Which is perfect! Tomorrow starts birthday week for me (yes I’m five years old and I celebrate my birthday all week. Pretty much I celebrate it all month, but that’s mostly in my head.  It still counts to me!)






A book caught my eye at the bookstore and I had to get it.  I don’t like dwelling on the past but I think understanding it is worthwhile.  I’ll tell you what I think, so far it’s really good, if you can relate to eating disorders and the way you can slowly give your life away without realizing it. Erg, I digress, but it’s really interesting. and yes I look really tired in this picture = me without make up





I made a quick vegan dinner and even included that bright yellow nutritional yeast stuff I’ve been meaning to try.  Mixed in it’s fine, not delicious, not bad.  I don’t think I’ll sprinkle it on top of things but mixing in was good.  This is fresh zucchini, mushrooms,carrot, bell pepper and frozen spinach. I threw it all in a bowl and heated in the microwave. Then I threw it in a pan with jarred pasta sauce and nooch. Quick, easy and I was stuffed.





So that’s all for tonight folks.  Hip hip hooray for my day off.  Monday = my Saturday 🙂  and the beginning of birthday week. I’m already planning a cake… should it be red velvet, cheesecake, carrot cake (I have a wicked vegan carrot cake recipe)











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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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