Day 9 – Those Who Live in Glass Houses…

I’m trying to concentrate on this post.  Really I am.  But Dan is on youtube watching the Top 10 Sexiest Disney Females and the lyrical love song is distracting me.  See, it’s not my fault


Okay, I have nothing too important to say.  But today while I was running I passed a guy, reasonably good looking, normal buff beach guy but wearing the goofiest looking bucket hat and these workout gloves along with his complete compressions suit.  We live in a really hot sweaty climate and I couldn’t figure out why he was wearing the gloves to jog in (and why on earth he didn’t just wear a ballcap).  While I was having my own private giggle (whilst still jogging) I realized I had nothing to laugh about.  I had, at that very moment, a sock containing keys and some money stuffed into the space between my boobs inside my sports bra.  I always run like this.  I am not blessed with big old ta ta’s and so I’ve always kept stuff in my sports bra while running or exercising.  My phone sometimes makes it’s way there or keys… whatever I need.  But seeing as they always get really sweaty I started putting them in a sock and stuffing them in – putting this into words now makes me feel so ghetto!  Not only that though, I had my arm band around Dan’s iPod nano (again so not to sweat on it) which looked pretty jenky.  And I’m sure my face was bright red at the time.  Must remember before I judge, runners have their reasons!

Plus, do you like my outfit?

Yeah, I decided to wear this dress because I knew I could wear these boots with it.  And I wanted to wear the boots because I could wear my compression socks… admittedly rolled down a bit, but they’re squeezing my calves.  Yeah, I have room to judge….

PS. Now Dan is watching Man Vs. Food on youtube.  That I can support! Although burly men scarfing down pulled pork is making me a bit queasy…

PSS. I wear this little beauty whenever I can on my runs.  The little zipper  pocket holds my key and a ten dollar bill easy.  It does get sweaty though. I bought groceries after a run once and the ten was soaked through… um, embarrassing! all I need is a bucket hat….


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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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  1. One of my favorite comedians, Demetri Martin, has something to say about glass houses…. There’s a saying that goes “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” Okay. How about “Nobody should throw stones.” That’s crappy behavior. My policy is: “No stone throwing regardless of housing situation.” Don’t do it. There is one exception though. If you’re trapped in a glass house, and you have a stone, then throw it. What are you, an idiot? So maybe it’s “Only people in glass houses should throw stones, provided they are trapped in the house with a stone.” It’s a little longer, but yeah.

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