Day 6 – Still Tired

Day 6 I’m back at work today after my nice two days off to get my run on. But since I’ve already logged over half my needed miles for the week I decided that I would not run today. Which is good because I ended up getting a rehearsal scheduled for most of my lunch break! So I, in the interest of at least logging a mile a day, I did just that, I walked a mile on the treadmill and busted out 70 sit/push ups. My legs don’t feel bad after my 8 mile run and I actually MISSED RUNNING TODAY! I wanted to but didn’t really have time and I had planned to rest my legs. So to honor my body and the fact that I had the time tonight, I planned to go straight from work to a hot yoga class ūüôā However, as my last set came and went I was EXHAUSTED, so exhausted I wanted someone, prefferrably handsome (a la D-rock), to sling me over their shoulder and carry me home. ¬†Needless to day I did not go to yoga and part of me is sad. ¬†The other part of me busted out the last thirty of my 100 sit/push ups¬†so I don’t have to feel shame. ¬†Then, because I feel like I’ve depleted my vitamin stores or my body is without any leftover nutrition I made the best decision of the day. ¬†I had a green smoothie for dinner (and threw in some chocolate chips).

¬†I may have grossed out my boyfriend but I think my body with thank me. ¬†I hope it will. ¬†I did walk 1 mile¬†today. ¬†And funny enough, even though I was pathetically tired (still am) I contemplated going for a little jog before bed. ¬†But I think that would actually end in a face plant so I’m going to try to sleep it off and hopefully tomorrow I’ll recover? ¬†I spent the day trying to shove nutrient dense foods in my mouth – breakfast: fresh pineapple and banana; Snack: wasa fiber; Lunch: raw spinach with sunflower and pumpkin seeds; Dinner: green smoothie (with chocolate chips and a spoonful of honey too); I even took my vitamins for crying out loud! I take GNC prenatal vitamins (I’m not preggo, one day soon I’ll explain why I take them specifically if you’re interested), B Complex and probiotic. ¬†If I don’t wake up feeling perky (and most likely needing to take a dump) I just won’t know what to do. ¬†Tomorrow I’ve got a lunch break light jog on the menu and I’m looking forward to it. Looks like this pony’s ready to gallop….. neigh??


Ugh. More tomorrow. ¬†I have some deeper things to talk about I just need to find the energy. ¬†Ciao for now…


About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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