Happy Independence Day!

I’m not in America but I am celebrating with my workout gear 🙂

I made three mistakes today:

#1. I thought I wouldn’t really notice the 4th of July come and go, but I’m actually quite homesick.  One of the nice things about being homesick is you know you do actually love your country. Lee Greenwood may have said it best with his iconic (if cheesy) “Proud to be an American” but I have to say that I am.  So America, even though I’m away, I miss you and I’m glad it’s your passport I carry with me everywhere.  Thank you to all those who fought and fight for our freedom and our democratic ideals.

#2. I wore a bikini top to run in thinking my minus A cups would be fine (they never seem to make their presence known when I want them too).  What was I thinking?!  Well, I was thinking it was red and my red sports bra was already in the washer and I was being patriotic.  Heed this warning DON’T DO IT UNLESS YOU ARE UNDER 12 YEARS OLD>  I have an under boob rub rash that is not the sexy kind of rash.  I’d show you but I think Dan might get mad and WordPress might have a problem with it too….

#3. I didn’t bring water or a gel.  I was doing great. I ran a nice, cool 5 miler, stopped to stretch and bust out my push ups/sit ups and then I was dehydrated in a bad bad way.  I tried to start up a jog so I could run another 2 miles but it didn’t happen.  I walked that last two dreaming of water the whole time (which means I at least got a mileage total of 7 miles today).  Lesson learned, my limit is 5 miles and then I need some rehydration.  My goal is to shoot for a 10 miler by the end of this week but if that’s to happen I’ve got to plan and use my brain.  I’ve got a gel chilling in the refrigerator, it will be coming for an outing soooooonn…

Now, Dan and I are celebrating our own Codependence Day today (July 5 is our 1 year, and I hate the word “anniversary” so I renamed it.  Of course codependency is considered a disease worthy of a 12 step program in my Country which is why I think it’s funny.  Some people don’t get me, but I really enjoy myself 🙂 so I’ll be signing off after this for the rest of the night. I put together a slideshow with music but I can’t figure out how to link it to this yet.  Ah well, when I do I will!  I tease, but I really love him and I can’t wait to start year 2…

Photobooth pictures it is!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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