Day 3- Cookie Dough

Okay so I took the day off of running. I didn’t rack up any miles today but that’s okay, I’m sure I will tomorrow (I think I’m going to try to make Sundays a sort of regular rest day if it works out that way).  I did however do my 100 situps/push ups in the form of wide push ups (Dan had me try to use his push up bars for the last fifteen… holy arm burn, it really kicks em’ up a notch.  I think to be a true bad ass I’ll have to be using them more often. yerg) and oblique crunches (alternating side crunches).  I haven’t really been sore lately except today the front of my deltoids is sore.  Weird and specific…

As for my affirmations I looked a little on the Bmidful website and even signed up?  I’ll let you know if I end up using it.  I did make an affirmation for myself but to be honest I’ve felt just awesome listening to music today and on my runs.  Beyonces “Run the World” song has been making walk around with shoulders back and chest up 🙂  I’m not a feminist in the least, I tend to be surprisingly traditional in my core gender beliefs (sometimes this really shocks even me when it comes to light), but I see know reason not to celebrate and enjoy our power as women.  And Beyonce is kick ass, seriously.

I was watching this video on youtube of the Beyonce music video and Dan was watching over my shoulder.  He said it reminded him of the New Zealand All Blacks Haka which you can view here and maybe laugh your ass off like I did… and I admit it did look a lot like Beyonce and her girl army.  How cool is it that this is a part of the sport though.  Those rugby players sure have thighs of steel! This is a great example of how your life can be further enriched by international dating.

Another fab anecdote you say?  Well, my favorite conversation of the week started like this: Dan “Crista, what is a shorty?” Crista “what do you mean?”  Dan “as in ‘shorty had them apple bottom jeans, boots with the furs’… that song”  Crista (huge gap in conversation as I laugh, maybe pee myself a little bit and realize that I’ve fallen in love with my Australian just a little more then before) “um, well, it’s what rappers call their ‘woman’… you know their ‘shawty’, like have you ever heard of someone being your ‘boo’?  it’s like girlfriend, or boyfriend, or um, baby momma.  ‘Shorty’ is a girlfriend.  Apple Bottom jeans is a brand for girls with junk in the trunk, so to speak”  might I add I have a pair of Apple Bottom jeans because, though I may be a little Italian/German white girl from Cincinnati, I’ve got some junk, okay.  I mean, you did see my last post right? Now I’m not sure I was really qualified to answer this question as I still, after much practice, cannot pronounce “shorty” the way it’s supposed to be pronounced “shawty” but I guess I’m a little closer then my poor Aussie Babe.


And now for the part you’ve been waiting for.. I was craving cookie dough tonight but seeing as we don’t have any I got creative. Gaze upon my mix of sunflower seed butter, honey and non dairy chocolate chips!!! It was fantastic and had that fatty sugary density that I really wanted. MMMMMMM


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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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