Day 2 – Sweaty As…


That would be, sweaty ass 🙂 You KNOW it’s a good run when you sweat between the cheeks!








I am such a badmotha! I jogged 5 Miles and walked 1 Mile  as a cool down bringing my total to 6 Miles today 🙂 And I have to say that walking that mile after the jog I think is why my legs don’t feel as bulky right now, I may have to end the majority of my runs with a bit of a cool down walk.  I also stopped the clock at 3 miles to stretch and do 30 push ups/situps before starting up the clock and running the last two miles.  I’m going to switch up the kind of push ups and situps I do every day to keep my body guessing.  I did military push ups (my least fave) today and suitcase crunches (my most fave).  I did all 100 situps/pushups today and I’m finding that sets of 20 or 30 works well for me.

As for affirmations, well, I looked some up to try to help me out a bit.  Yes I googled “positive affirmations”.  It’s not that I don’t love myself. I do, I really think I’m great (except you know, there are some improvements I would make) but I’m not even really sure what positive affirmations are.  I thought maybe it was like feeling like the sun shines out your ass and reinforcing that all day every day but posting “the sun shines out my ass” four times a day is boring (even if it’s true.  the sun shines out your ass as well, don’t you worry, it’s a sunny sunny world out there. and I’m trying to get an award for using the word “ass” as many times as possible in this post).

This is the first site I found it’ll get you started!  You can choose what kind of affirmations you’d like to see an example of and that clued me in as to what a positive affirmation actually is.  But I think you have to pay for a program or something? I didn’t look into that, I just checked out their free affirmation sample 🙂 he he he.  I liked mine.

I liked this site better though.  It’s a whole positive affirmation community! and it’s free and you can see a whole list of recent affirmations people are posting and then you get ideas.

In all honesty, I didn’t know I had been using positive affirmations for a while now.  When I first moved to Singapore and was unhappy and little ball of anxiety I read a Deepak Chopra book called “The Book of Secrets”.  I had never read a Chopra book until my friend Barrie sent me “The Happiness Perscription” for Christmas, of which I put off reading for a while thinking it was probs a self help book. When I finally got over myself and  opened it up I devoured the book.  So I went out and bought three more Deepak Chopra books and read “The Book of Secrets” first.  I reccomend it, highly, even if your life is perfect, you’ve got a trophy spouse, you look like a model, and money is coming in hand over fist.  I loved the book and in it there are a few things he says that I took to heart and they became positive affirmations I guess.  The biggest one was “This fear is not me. No matter what fear says this will not destroy me.” and another variation “This experience is not me. It’s just an experience and will pass”.  You see, I get anxious or afraid.  This may come as a shock since y’all know me as a bit of a risk taker.  I’ll learn any job, do any sport, dive into relationships, decide to get a motorcycle before I know how to drive one (okay that was a little stupid but it did work out in the end).  One of the reasons I do all those things is because I am afraid. My defense mechanism to fear has usually been to plough my way into the middle of it before I have time to think.  But with these little mantra’s I found the ability to calm, to feel stillness and think about what I was doing, what I needed to do, why I was freaking out.  So I downloaded an app for my iTouch.  Yes, you heard it here first, I have a Deepak Chopra app. It’s called Manifesting Good Luck Growth and Enlightenment.  It’s like flash cards of little affirmations and I read them when I’m on the bus, feeling anxious, in the doctors waiting room… et al.  My positive affirmations, I didn’t even know I was using.  I AM awesomer then I thought (does that count?)!! and so by the way Thank you Barrie Linberg for changing my life!

SO, anyone have any positive affirmations they want to send my way?  Need an affirmation that I can send your way? Do you have an ass story for the day or a creative way to use the word ass in a sentence?





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  1. Oh boy, you opened a can of worms. Yes, I can use the word “ass” in a sentence. In fact I’ve been using it in almost every sentence for the past 48 hours!! And not in a positive, affirming way 😦 No need to actually spell out the sentences for you as I’m sure you can imagine what they were and who they were directed to. Yes, marriage is hard and when you’re PMSing, husbands should know to leave us the hell alone. Anyway, yes, oh yes, do I need some positive affirmations because after the past 48 hours, slitting my wrists was sounding positive to me! So wish you’d get your butt back out here. I miss you…

  2. Am I the only one that ever comments? Do you even get my comments??????

  3. holy hell, I JUST got these two comments!!! I will affirm you my dear cousin. I’ll email you some affirmations. I’m so sorry you’re having such a bad time. I’ve heard these things about husbands. LETS SKYPE I MISS YOU TOO!!! Love you

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