The other night (Monday?) I had a hankering for banana bread batter. Yes I’m one of those people.  I don’t generally eat cookies but I do like cookie dough a lot!!! Well I didn’t have any of the ingredients for banana bread (except maybe cinnamon and baking soda.  Disgusting) but I had made an impulse buy this past weekend (shopping while hungry is dangerous). These are not really healthy and waaay expensive here in Asia. And really, any baked good that’s “just add water” is not generally a good baked good. But it reminded me of my childhood, when I would get these and make them for my fam.  Krusteaz fat free mixes are sugary, not vegan (hello dried skim milk), but they are delicious in that fake kind of way that you sometimes crave 🙂











So I misxed up these little devils and added (cuz I like to doctor every recipe.  I don’t know if it’s just kitchen A.D.D. or what) ginger.  Blueberry ginger?  I thought, it’ll either be good in an exotic, satisfying kind of way or it’ll be wrong wrong wrong.  I don’t have a muffin pan so I poured it into my loaf pan and hoped for the best!











The verdict?  Well the batter was so delicious I probably ate 1/4 of it before baking it.  And the cooked loaf was just as awesome… the ginger was amazing with the blueberry and kind of makes up for the fact that it’s a just add water recipe.  WHATEVER, not all of us are The Barefoot Contessa (though we’d like to be, or at least be one of her apprentices, or, own a cookbook she wrote).  I ate some tonight when i got home from work.  You know how when you were a kid how you hated getting the end of a loaf of bread (our family called this the butt, hiney or ass of the loaf) Well, all I can say is as an adult, I’m an ass kind of girl 🙂 mmmmmmmmmmmm

oh and I did workout after work today (thank you Miss Lennox for the inspiration) I jogged a nice loose 4k, did a short but quick ab circuit and then worked on a choreography piece that I’ve had in my head for a few days.  A nice end to the day.  I was so tired my last two sets of work I was thinking things like “hey, I already did 40 minutes on the elliptical today, that counts” and “hmm three rest days in a week isn’t really bad at all”.  But then a thought hit me.  One of the things I want to specifically work on as a dancer, aerialist, and budding runner is kicking up your performance in a fatigued state.  Isn’t that something an elite athlete would want to train for? How many races are finished with fresh energy, well rested and full of fire.  No, you finish a race by pushing past exhaustion.  Now I’m not advocating hurting yourself or not listening to your body.  But for me I specifically want to work on my endurance, that was one of my goals remember? If I only run when I really feel like it I’m not stretching myself.  That’s what separates me from the average person.  When I’m down I work harder, when I’m tired I kick up the fire, when I’m not feeling it I push further.  At least that’s how I’d like to be.  No time like the present (tired, after a full day of work and very little sleep) to practice. Now, mind you, I didn’t crank out a 10 miler.  But I did 4k to loosen up my legs and sweat a little, I did abs before my jog to get them engaged.  And I would have run longer but I had also made a goal to make creative progress a daily habit. It was time to stretch the choreography muscle.  Even though I was tired, disorganized, felt fat, spastic and even cried in public today (not my proudest moment, but I have made kind of a habit of it lately), today was a win.  I learned about Annie Lennox, talked to my best friend, worked, rehearsed on my own, had a cardio lunch break, pushed myself through a bit of a jog and even followed through on my commitment to my creative development.  And then had dinner with Dizzle.  Today was a win.










Make anything noteworthy this week? Was today a win for you? Why?!!


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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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