Every Woman’s dream..

…more like nightmare! So today, I had the, apparently rare, privilege of seeing a few different views of my bum and thighs and to my horror I have acquired (not overnight I’m sure) cellulite! Now, ladies, I know I’m not the only to witness this but I have to admit to being turned off by the sight and then the thought. I eat mostly healthy and exercise and so usually feel like I should be exempt from such human conditions (and I’m daily surprised that I’m not 😉
So, I immediately start doing what I always do when less then stellar angles of myself are brought to my attention… I brain storm ways to annihilate the enemy taking over my ass. Or in other words, hitting Google hard.  I know that cellulite is one of those things you can get rid of by cleaning up your lifestyle – water, veggies, workouts.  I do that stuff but I’m not extreme.  Anymore. And when I was extreme I was synthetic as in protein shake drinkin’ Tony Horton fan. I know I’ve heard that going mostly raw makes your body rid itself of cellulite (ie toxins!) So I was googling that and whatever came up on LIVESTRONG.

But the thing is, I’ve been focusing so hard lately on not being a messed up post ED person who weighs and measures myself constantly by the Hollywood yardstick. Tricky since I am in the Hollywood business (ish). I’ve been chilling with all that diet, over controlling shit.  Perhaps this means I am not as beautiful as I could be if I became stringent again. Reading some of the other healthy living blogs I have become aware of just how vast is the amount of woman who have at some point been anorexic, bulemic, compulsive OE.  It’s like, more people then the number of literate adults in the US (this is my own hyperbole and not an actual statistic). One of the main themes for recovery for a lot of these women, it seems, is to let themselves be.  Eat what they want without judgement of too much, too little, high fat, trigger food and take the weight fluctuation that may come and just be with it. Let your body regulate and realize you are who you are through this process.  I was encouraged recently by Lyn at The Actors Diet.  Check out her site if you can.  She’s an actual working actress and has worked through her own ED.  Read her about page if you’re curious, she has some great tips and personal stories. One of the, if not the biggest excuse for performers with ED is that you HAVE to look “good” to get work. It causes a lot of guilt and comparisons, of course.  All that to say that I wonder if I could do that, let myself  take whatever comes with my body and just work on my skills and believe in myself as a performer.

It’s harder when I can actually see the cellulite on my butt. Sigh.  I think for now I’ll stay the course and keep on training. I’ll try to focus on being the best person.  And little by little I eat more raw vegetables and fruit, less sugar, more water, less coffee.  Maybe eventually it’ll stop stressing me out and I’ll be the best I can be, look the best I can look, feel the best I can feel and then I can rest.

Tonight I had a photo shoot with the lovely Zurina who actually took the picture that is my header!  We, along with the ever stunning Lena, managed to hook up both silks and lyra for the shoot. She’s amazing and I’m sure her pictures will be awesome cellulite and all.  I’ll post them when she’s finished working her magic and we may even get a guest post from her so stay tuned!  And check out her sight as well, it’s brilliant.

And now, I’ve been trying to add spirulina and my powdered greens to whatever I can.  I’m trying to really push the nutrient levels of everything I eat (can I add spinach, chia or wheatgrass to that?) So last night for dinner Dan and I were going low key and I had these ingredients on hand. Not a very sexy dinner, but I think the nutrient level must have been pretty good 🙂 and it was tasty despite it’s baby-food look!

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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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  1. Hey, Sweetie! My heart sings and breaks for you at the same time. You are SUCH a beautiful girl, supposed cellulite and all. You are an inspiration to me, 10,000 miles away, that you can take the time to eat right, slip in a workout wherever and believe in yourself…then I see this post and I sigh. …

    I’m lucky, I guess. 40 and still no cellulite and I’m at about 22% body fat again. My mom is 65 and doesn’t have it either. I think part of it is genetically based: How does your body store fat? Whereas my ass and thighs have always been rather slender, not fat free, I get mine on my belly. I work hard on my exercise, I eat well enough for what I can afford with the occasional splurge (fries!) and I still have belly fat, made worse from my pregnancy. At this point, no amount of dieting, eating clean, etc will get me back to my six-pack. Its under there, I can feel it, but it’s covered by saggy skin and a genetic fat pouch I can’t control. Only a plastic surgeon can get me back to what I was pre-baby. I HAVE to come to terms with it and KNOW that I am a sexy momma even with the physical change to my physique caused by my son.

    I’m not in the Hollywood scene anymore. My body is not my business, like it is yours. I can hide my perceived imperfections with clothing while I work, unlike you. However, I’m fairly sure that if I scrutinized the photos taken by your friend, I would be hard pressed to find the cellulite you speak of. Your physique is a thing of beauty, your strength, agility and gracefulness are all things of envy as far as I’m concerned.

    You are beautiful just the way you are.

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