I know, you so want to be me right now 🙂  This is my new active attire.  I tried to attack my leg pain head on.  I know that I’m supposed to be wearing these sexy support stockings, I have been really hard on my legs throughout my life (gymnastics, dance, a commitment to high heels…) My shiatsu teacher pointed out my varicose veins and my  need to try to prevent more from cropping up before the age of 30.  She suggested these supportive stockings and not allowing my calves to be massaged (two things I have blatantly ignored for vanity and comfort sake.  My calves always feel tight and knotted up) So today I decided to wear these super cute leg accessories and also consider investing in some compression socks for after runs to go along with my compression leggings.  As I’ve said before, the Vibrams tend to help with my hamstring pain.  I really should have been all preventative, but late is better than never.  Right?

I decided to dig out an oldie for my workout!  My good friend Jaye Paul (my original personal trainer) showed me how to use a deck of cards for a take anywhere workout.  It kicks ass and if you try to get through a whole deck as quickly as possible its body weight and cardio (you can use weights or resistance bands too).  You choose a workout associated with each suit in a deck.  Then you shuffle the cards and flip the cards over one by one until you’ve gone through the whole deck!  We used to do one of these workouts before shows and I always bring a deck of cards with me.  It tends to be an easy workout to do in a hotel room, green room or even in a crowded gym!  and you can choose any workout you want for each suit.  The number of reps is whatever the face value of the card is (Ace is 1; Royalty cards are 11).  I even assign either 12 jumping jacks or 12 burpees (if I’m feeling really cool) to Jokers – that will really get your heart rate up!  I did Spades – push ups; Hearts – crunches; Clubs- squats; Diamonds- supermans; Joker- jumping jacks (I wasn’t feeling that cool today).  I worked up a bit of a sweat, kept my heart rate up, but surprised myself by how well I got through the workout!  I struggled the first time I did one of the these and I haven’t done a card workout in about a year!  go me.  At the end of the deck you end up doing 88 reps of each exercise.  Hmm, I’m thinking I should shoot to go through the deck twice some days!

After my awesome card workout I jumped on the elliptical for 30 minutes.  I really considered trying to knock out a 5k.  I kept going back and forth on whether or not to try it.  But I did well for my 5 miles last night and I don’t want to injure myself.  Tomorrow is my off day so I’ll get the opportunity to run outside instead of a treadmill, so I opted to baby my legs and do the elliptical.  I still worked up a good sweat 🙂






And I decided, instead of ending my night with my usual gummy candies, I made myself a huge green monster for dinner! I may have grossed Dan out and I may actually prefer jelly belly’s but I feel pretty good. and the idea that I’m working so hard to increase my endurance and cardiovascular fitness and then I’m pouring sugar into my system, knowingly suppressing my immune system, has been bumming me out a bit lately.  So instead I loaded up the blender with soya milk, frozen banana and spinach, spirulina and greens powders (wheatgrass, barley and chlorella), chia, and protein powder (chocolate!)  Bam! Green dinner that’s sweet enough to be dinner/dessert in one.  I tried eating it with a spoon to fool myself into feeling like I was having fro you for dinner, but it didn’t work.  That’s okay, I just have to remember why I’m foregoing the lollie’s tonight.  And that my birthday is in less then a month and I can eat my bodyweight in baked goods that day if I want (and I plan t0) 🙂




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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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