Back in the Saddle

Since I was such a good girl yesterday and took my second rest day this week, and because I feel the shadow of the Half Mary/10k looming over me like the sword of damocles, I decided today was the day to start running again.  But not just hit the pavement and re-aggravate my ankle.  No, I was going to be smart!  I didn’t run in the morning (my work shift was 3pm-9pm).  I slept in, had breakfast with Dan and enjoyed my day.  At work I stretched a bit before each set and drank a lot of water so that at 9pm I could get my jog on!

And I did!  First, I put my Vibrams.  I read “Born to Run” by Christopher MacDougall a few months ago and was encouraged to try out the Vibram Fivefinger “shoes” and also chia.  For me, both things were a hit (Dan has even jumped on the chia bandwagon).  I have had chronic hamstring pain, tightness and pain in my hips for as long as I can remember and it seems to intensify when I walk on the treadmill, run or jog, even a good 40 minutes on the elliptical will seem to cause a flare up.  The first few times I ran in the Vibrams – no hamstring pain AT ALL!  However, even with that kind of success I am lazy and generally don’t wear them.  My toes do not want to separate and it takes me ten minutes to put them on.  Yes, that is how crazy I am about time management.  But today I wore them 🙂

I decided to set my goal at an easy 5k, just to get my legs warmed up after the week off of running.  My legs and hips have felt incredibly tight and I haven’t even run since Sunday!!  I finished my 5k in 33:50 minutes and I stopped, stretched my legs and hips for 5 minutes and then jogged another 3k, but at a really, really easy pace (just under 25 minutes).  I felt pretty good, my legs feel loosened up and I feel like I got some mileage in.  My ankle doesn’t hurt but it feels tight.  It’s good I didn’t push my speed, I knew I couldn’t tax myself tonight or I’d be done for.  Tomorrow I will not be running.

I’m going to be instituting some mid run stretches into my runs on the regular.  I get really tight and knotted up and I just feel like it’s more painful then necessary.  I think it’s time to seriously look into all that foam rolling business runners are up to and since I don’t have a bath for ice baths (and I don’t run the mileage of a marathoner) I think cold showers after runs, at least the long ones, are necessary.  And I love the Vibrams, but they rub my toe and make it bleed (not cool) so I have to address that or I’ll never wear them for more then 8k at a time.

Still, I’m pretty proud of myself for my after work 8k 🙂

In other news, I (with Dan’s help) will be trying a little surprise experiment that I’ll fill you in on tomorrow… muahahahaha!!!  There will be pictures!

Oh and my stomach is STILL sore from that damn ab wheel!  Sheesh!  I guess my planks weren’t cutting it!


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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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