I feel blank today, lacking in inspiration. This is mostly because I’m tired, but not body tired. I don’t know why but I’m brain tired. I brought my computer to work to keep me busy during any down time but I have found myself with nothing interesting to say. I apologize.

I did do lunch time cardio, being careful of my ankle. I did a 40 minute “power walk” which never seems to feel like a workout, but I did go at a swift pace and while my ankle hurt I think it was working through tightness so I’m calling it a win and hoping I can jog again by the weekend.

What things do you look at or do when you’re in need of inspiration?

There are a few things I’ll go to first.  One is exercise, especially if it’s outside.  Working up a sweat gets my mind going and all the aspects of nature are like little sparks igniting ideas, sensations, fantasies.  My powerwalk on the treadmill in the basement of work, while it did get some wheels turning didn’t provide me much inspiration on this deadened day.  Oh well.

Music is always powerful inspiration for me, though I didn’t listen to any today.

Dance or aerial work is what I turned to. I miss doing aerial work so much. I miss being part of a whole and complete piece of moving beauty, to stretch and strain and emote for a final product.  And when I can’t do it myself I’ll try to watch others doing it which leads to inspiration AND jealousy 🙂  Although, to be clear, today I looked at dance. Today, when using my brain to even think of things to look at was out of the question, I just used my old stand by – Twyla Tharp.  I’ve mentioned her before on this blog. Not only is she a muse and an inspiration and a creator beautiful things but she’s a great springboard to exploring other dancers, dances, companies, photos.  Today I perused her Wikipedia page. Twyla has choreographed tons of dances (far beyond 100), she started her own dance company two years after graduating from college.  She’s had an artistic career that has changed the face of dance and ballet since 1965 and she’s still going strong.  Her company is on tour presently with original works.  Now that I find inspirational.  Reading it allows me to let a sigh of relief… someone, somewhere is creating great works of beauty, right now and I’m comforted by the knowledge…



About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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