Choose Day (Part 2)

The goods:

Two new books!  My guilty pleasure 🙂 “Talent is Overrated” by Geoff Colvin and “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running” by Haruki Murakami.  I read Murakami’s “Norwegian Wood” about a month ago and really liked it.  It’s beautifully written and the Japanese movie version came out about the same time I read it.  Murakami has written a lot of books but this on is a short memoir on his 4 month preparation for the 2005 NYC Marathon.  I’m really looking forward to cracking it open!

Yes, I bought the original workout gimmick… the Ab Wheel!!! Rusty from Fitness Black Book offered an Abs Blueprint on his page.  So my 30X reveal is that I’m going to do his Deep Abs program for a month with before and after pictures so we can all see what his plan will do for my abs!! I’ll give you the full lowdown in a separate post but I’ll start the program on Monday 🙂 and the program incorporates The Ab Wheel!! I see knee pads on my future…

I went in to Puma just to drool (love Puma wear, do not love Puma prices) but these babies were staring at me.

So I picked them up just to look at them… and they were on sale! Down from $139 to $39!!! Now, if you know me, you know I’m not much for shopping or sales. But I generally don’t purchase Puma because I can’t justify the cost to cuteness ratio… Not so today! I love them even though I know I didn’t need them and I already wore them to pole and I’ll be wearing them again tomorrow morning as soon as I need shoes again!




Choose Day and Tuesday is coming to a close and I’m tired!  Hope y’all had a great day.  What kind of choices did you make for your life today?


About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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