Choose Day (Part 1)

My schedule was random today.  I didn’t have a plan.  I am off work but had a rehearsal at 8:30am – 9:30.  And I’m on call, which means I need to keep my phone on and be able to get to work within the hour if I’m called. My semi-plan was to workout after rehearsal and then go home and wake Dan up and make eat breakfast with me and then have the day off together.  But Dan got called in to work while I was mid-workout so, we haven’t even seen each other today! So the rest of the day was open for me to choose what to do

You know those multiple choice tests you’re given in grade school? My on-call days always feel like one of those tests: you can do a, b, c, or d, which will then lead you to the next multiple choice and so on. Maybe choose your own adventure books is a better analogy… which is really what we do every day right?  I loved those books!

I didn’t even have a workout planned for the day!  So I did an ab/conditioning routine (I’ll detail it below) and then 60 minutes on the elliptical.  It felt good to stretch my legs without the impact of the road.  My right ankle is really sore right now, so I’m giving it a day or two to shape up 🙂 The routine I did is really basic, I choose three ab exercises and three arm/chest/tricep exercises.  I do 25x ab exercise then 12x arm exercise, then 25x next abs and 12 next arms, 25x last ab exercise and 12-20xs last arms.  Then repeat the whole circuit three times!

Here’s what I chose:

25x basic sit up

12x basic pushup

25x bicycle sit ups

12x military push up (I’ve been doing them on my knees, I’ve lost so much strength since last year)

25x crunch on the bench

12x tricep dips

then I repeat that whole sequence for a total of 3x’s

Here’s a slideshow of me demonstrating each move and how I still need to get my roots done 😉

After ellipticalling (I made it a verb, yes I did!)  I couldn’t decide whether to get my hair done regardless of being sweaty or whether I should eat or shop or go home and nap or sign up for a yoga class or read or work on my film reel or cook for the week or clean Dizzle’s room.  TOO MANY CHOICES WHEN MY DAY ISN’T PLANNED IN ADVANCE.  I’m like a toddler, I need an adult to set out my clothes and tell me my schedule.  Since I’m not a toddler anymore I have to be the adult and do that stuff (although Dan does sometimes.  I don’t listen to him when he tells me I have to eat dinner before dessert. But if he tells me take a shower I try to oblige). When I don’t I revert back to toddler form and feel lost and confused and in need of a hand to hold.  But I made the decision!  I did NOT get my hair done today.  Not only did I not want to be kicked out for smelling like ass I can’t decide exactly what to do with my head presently.  I know I want to grow it out.  But part of me feels I’ve come this far and now all I have to do is keep getting my roots touched up, the hard bleaching part is over.  The other part of me reminds me how much I hate having my hair done and how much I despise looking at myself with roots.  That part of me wants to go a chest nutty brown or a dark red so my roots blend and my eyebrows don’t clash.  It’s still a draw so I’m boycotting the hair dresser until one side wins.  This could be a while.

Instead I went shopping!!! I bought myself a few presents, had lunch and then went back to Dans house to clean a little.  I called a friend of mine at the pole studio to see if she needed some company tonight so I get to go watch and help out with week 8!  That’s performance week folks, where all the hard working pole girls (and a few boys) perform the routine they started learning from their first class!  It’s a blast 🙂 Every body dresses up and the show is on!

I haven’t been able to choose what to eat today. I woke up not hungry at all but really thirsty.  I drank water and oolong tea throughout rehearsal and my workout.  But even by noon I wasn’t really hungry.  I went to soup spoon for lunch and didn’t get my usual pumpkin soup and tofu salad.  I just got the soup and ate most of it.  Then I was a bit peckish so an hour later I had some dried fruit.  It wasn’t really satisfying so I had some licorice.  Still not really what I wanted and I was still feeling hungry.  So I finished off the last of our baked Doritos.  Now I feel a little queasy.  I think I’ll need a standard issue dinner, I need to make a decisive move 🙂 the non-commital snacking is leaving me feeling shallow and empty ha ha!

I’ll post my self-presents in the next post!  Stay tuned! OH and I’ve decided on the next 30X!


About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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  1. I choose chestnut as your best look.

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