Old School

After finishing off my banana bread the other day, I thought, perhaps I should start to make more treats myself instead of relying on chocolate chips and jelly belly’s to satisfy my sweet tooth. You know, trying to rack up that list of things I can make without disaster ensuing!

Well I was looking at some of the chinese treats my roommate brought to work and one of them looked like a rice crispy treat! I told Dan I was thinking of making my own and he said that they were his favorite treat in the old days. So I bought some goods and came home thinking I’d try to make them with my vegan butter and with honey instead of marshmallow’s. Dan decided they wouldn’t taste as accurate without using marshmallow’s so we discovered that the local grocery store had them, luckily! You never know what is available so far from home and so it feels like a gamble most of the time 🙂
We whipped up a batch last night and I haven’t tried them yet but they look juuuusst right! Makes me feel like a kid again! FYI the vegan butter (called Nuttelnex Lite) worked without a hitch.

I got the recipe right off of Kellog’s website so you know it’s legit!!

However, I do have the honey already and I really want to know how they taste in comparison.

If you have any suggestions or requests on something you want me to try to make, feel free to let me know!



About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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