OH MY GOD – Favorite Things Friday

At long last! Favorite Things Friday on Sunday (or Saturday night if you’re in the US) behold some of my faves from the week…

Gummy Bear Soldiers (does anyone notice the irony of my vitamins being in the background of the picture? just noticed that!)









Dizzle cooking vegan Pumpkin Coconut Soup:








Leaping for joy ūüôā











A newfound love of all things tea –










and Australian literature apparently! The book pictured is my third book in succession written by an Australian author. ¬†This trend was started by Dan’s recommendation to read “Cloud Street” by Timothy Winton. ¬†I started to read it last September. ¬†I had no idea that another English speaking continent could be so hard to understand! ¬†There were so many colloquial words I just sort of glossed over that I got frustrated and put it down for a while. ¬†However in April I got to visit Dan’s hometown in Melbourne. ¬†It was such a lovely trip, I adored the city, the suburbs, the country, the sports (or sport, y’all already know I fell in love with AFL). ¬†And being around Dan and his family I picked up a little more of the verbiage used. ¬†I picked it back up and consumed the rest of the book in 2 weeks, crying at the end (sign of a good book you know). It helped too that I could picture Dan as the main character – it was one of his first theater rolls when he was young. ¬†Well then my girl Chelsea, also an Aussie suggested that if I liked Cloud Street I’d love Jasper Jones – and she was right. ¬†I ate up that book in two weeks (and of course my newfound knowledge of Aussie speak helped a lot… but I still had to ask for clarification here and there). ¬†Now, again from the lovely Chelsea, I have borrowed “The Slap” ¬†by another Australian author and actually set in Melbourne. I’ve only just begun so I’ll keep you posted.


What are some of your  favorite things from the week??


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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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