Admitting Defeat

Alright kids, I’ve been trying to get my Friday Favorites post up since last night, but apparently I’ve been overworking my computer, it’s refusing to upload pictures and I have to keep force quitting Safari and iPhoto and restarting. Ugh. Never fear though! I will be posting Friday Favorites on Saturday or Sunday, whenever I can actually get the pictures to load (I could tell you my favorite things but it’s so boring without pictures in my opinion!)

So, while an all text post doesn’t really tickle my fancy I guess it’ll have to do for now (ie. I’m admitting defeat…for the battle, but the war will be mine, muahahahaha!!) To try to compensate I will make the text PINK for you.

Lets talk goals people. Because I’m working out, changing some eating habits and all that, but I haven’t set goals. Shanti brought this to my attention when I was whining to Dizzle lately I figured it was time to hash out the goods. 
And also I  want to attemtp stop driving Dan nuts.

Well okay so what are my goals?

1. I want to increase my endurance:

this was mostly the impetus for running distances instead of focusing on short runs that burn calories. It was also the start of messing with my diet. I want to be ready for any job that I get, long dance rehearsals, hard sweaty circus strength training or all condition/weather stunt work.  And while I have always been successful in my work, I have battled  through low energy, fatigue, exhaustion.  I have fought with an inability to kick it in to high gear after at the end of the race, rehearsal, etc.  I know that endurance was never my strong suit so I want to make it a strength

2. I want to maximise strength without adding any mass:

basically, I want to be bruce lee and incredibly strong little brick! I don’t want to body build or have showy muscle, I want small tight muscle that is effective.  I want to do my aforementioned 12 pull ups without having the traps and shoulders that, for me, came with it. 

3. I want to exercise my creativity 

This isn’t really fitness related, but it is wellness related.  I routinely do not flex my creative brain opting instead to focus on my body’s abilities and shape.  But I feel like I have oceans creativity inside of me caught behind a fear of failure or mediocrity or just plain lack. 

4. I want to feel healthy and full of energy

I guess this is most people’s goal but often it’s not executed or even factored into decision making. I can say, for myself, that often (and hopefully in the past) the majority of my food and fitness decisions were made on the desire to be thin or the desire to eat sweets.  That is not the same as choosing things for health and energy. I never chose Diet Coke because it was healthier then Regular Coke.  I chose it because I thought it would allow me to stay thin and satisfy my actual craving for ice cream or a burger with fries.  and now I choose Oolong tea instead of Diet Coke because I’m thirsty and the tea tastes good, feels good going down and has antioxidents… ie. I feel healthy and satisfy my desire for liquids

5. I want to enjoy every inch of my life and have time and energy to spend with Dan

this is important.  I will not ever consciously feel guilty for eating food, for tasting the piece of cake, for eating what I bake, for having a glass of wine.  And whenever I start to feel that old niggling voice say “hey fatso, hope you enjoyed eating an actual meal cuz you’re never going to look pretty, no one will ever love you because you’re awful and ugly…” and other hurtful unnecessary things, I do as the proper British do, I close my eyes and think of England.  Or Italy. Or anywhere beautiful that I want to travel.  I do my best to think of something else because I can work myself up into a frenzy of tears and snot about my body if I don’t. Also I don’t want to have training and goals take over my life and I only see Dan when I’m between passing out and waking up to brush my teeth.  In other words, I want my life to work for me instead of working hard at life.

Phew!  So now that I have clarified my goals for myself – and the world wide web, I can finally come up with a program and a plan of action!

Stay tuned 🙂

Oh and offer advice or preach if the spirit moves you…. I’m listening! 


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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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