Oh Look

A food post from yours truly!  And just when you thought I’d given it up lol! Well I had to highlight a few things…

First off, this is my new favorite snack. I found it at Cold Storage yesterday.  It’s somewhat cheap and only has three ingredients – brown rice, sesame seeds, cane sugar.  I ate half the bag yesterday throughout the day (keeping me from my normal white flour crackers, skittles and such), I shared a few, and then I had the last three with a banana for breakfast this morning.  I think I will try to make my own since I want to consume them en masse and i’m going to be cutting back on the gluten.  I find that even though I spent years trying the high protein/low carb approach that when I’m really letting myself eat what my body is asking for I eat a lot of carbs, crave a lot of crackers, rice, oatmeal, cereal, potatoes, toast. and now that I veer in the vegan way and that I’m running nothing really keeps me from gnawing off my arm unless it includes some kind of non veggie carb…

Okay here are pictures of the last two days cafeteria lunch creations.  I brought my own spinach, italian dressing, sunflower seeds, carrots and celery:

Okay, now again why I’m the luckiest girl in the world.  My man made me dinner 🙂 He knew I wouldn’t be home from work until about 9pm so he made me dinner.  And while he is not a vegetarian, I am, and I try to stay mostly vegan and I worry about health unless I’m consuming dessert.  So he made me a pumpkin coconut soup!! It was AHMAZING.  It tasted like the best thai food you’ve ever had.  He even garnished it with rosemary (my favorite herb!).  We had toast to soak it up and I was starving when I got home from work, I nearly inhaled it.  I could have taken a bath in it and if he’s not vigilant I might be taking the leftovers into the shower with me… I’m kidding but only just.

And, I ended my night with 4, yes 4 hearty slices of my banana bread.  The odd thing about this is that I’ve been making this “healthy, vegan, whole wheat” chocolate chip banana bread for years. and giving it away.  This is the first time I ate it.  It all started last night when I had no gummy bears, skittles or jelly beans and I realized I had used all my chocolate chips in the bread.  So I pulled it out of the refrigerator and oh my god, I devoured 4 pieces.  SO GOOD. and I realized I had been avoiding it because eating meals and “real foods” makes me anxious.  But in all honestly I probably had half the fat and calories I would have had if I had just snacked on chocolate chips and gummies like usual.  Don’t quote me on that I honestly have no idea, but I was full at the end of it and it tasted awesome.  Which means now I’ll be making more of my own desserts so that I can EAT THEM instead of daily bags of chocolate chips.

Okay, food post ended. Now that my stomach is full and I’m tired I’m going to pass out…. zzzzzzzzzzzzz


About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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