Mid Day

Soooo I will post pictures when I get home and write a more thorough blog (most likely) but I wanted to give you a little mid-day post 🙂  I felt a bit more energetic today and cranked out a lunch break 5K in 30:53 which means I shaved off another minute from my 5K time…yay!! and that brings my weekly mileage to 11 miles and I’ve still got the second half of the week to go!  This makes me a very happy girl 🙂  I ditched Ayn Rand just for today as I think she’s good for a long run, but for a lunch time run I needed a little more oomph.

On the iPod today:

Sigur Ros “Hijomalind” (Sigur Ros has really been getting my motor running lately!)

-Oasis “Don’t Look Back in Anger”

-Metric “Help I’m Alive” (one of my fave songs ever)

-Regina Spektor “Blue Lips”

-Roisin Murphy “Ruby Blue”

-Weezer “Photograph”

I skipped Starbucks again this morning as I’m starting to get used to and crave water and Oolong Tea on mornings I work.  I’m drinking the tea like its my J.O.B. today

Okay. On a completely different topic, for the past year and a half I’ve worked at a company that has a cafeteria that allots you one free meal a day. I have not used this perk as the food doesn’t seem healthy, desirable or tasty to me in any way.  In fact it kinda smells and I’m pretty picky about my food. HOWEVER, after getting my tax bill (one good thing about America is that I’ve never paid this kind of money at year end before.  Ever.) I thought perhaps it is time to start using the system a little 🙂  Plus I’ve been having to fill up on 7-11 stuff or Coffee Bean or the free crackers which cannot be nutritionally redeeming whatsoever. So I started brainstorming….

Pictures to come of my cafeteria creations. Yesterday and today I packed a few essentials – spinach leaves, sunflower seeds, italian dressing, baby carrots.  And I was able to, upon actually looking at the selection in the caf, find brown rice, some edible looking veggies and some salad items.  I packed them up and added my spinach and such and VOILA!  Cheap, filling salad that included rice and seeds and so in costing less then $2 it keeps me full without me having to compromise my nutrition morals!  Need ideas for your cafeteria conundrums? 1. don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. They might say no way, but they might say yes.  A coworker of mine asked nearly every day for a brown rice option as opposed to just fried rice and we got it! 2. if there is bread and sandwich veggies use it and just pack your own acceptable fillings. Bread can be expensive and now you don’t have to buy it! 3. mix the few acceptable items with a few bulk items you bring from home to make a complete salad.

As I  experiment I’ll keep you posted with my cafeteria ideas… I want to save a little money people!


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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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