Post Run

After my treadmill 10k last night I expected to be sore but I actually feel fine! Woah… I AM becoming a runner! and that makes me want to run again!!! right now! But Dan and I are going to breakfast which is what I want to do just a little bit more then run… then I have work. I would like to get some kind of workout in today. I’m actually craving a yoga class but I work until 9pm so that’s not going to work. I think a little conditioning would do me good. hmmm sounds like I’ll be doing a hybrid yoga/conditioning in between my sets tonight!

Actually I’ve been thinking about what’s going to make up my next 30 day experiment and I can’t keep that niggling little voice in my head quiet. You know, the one telling me that I can’t just run and up my mileage, that I know better then that. That to keep myself as healthy and fit as possible I have to cross train, and, dare I say it, resistance train (even though I’m scared of becoming bulky again). So I’m looking into a few options. Originally Dan and I thought I could do P90X again – this time using my runs on cardio days instead of Tony’s DVD’s and THIS TIME WITHOUT PROTEIN SUPPLEMENTS. But I’m afraid half marathon prep plus P90X (plus work) might be a recipe for burnout (and possibly obsession, I adore P90X). I thought of doing Insanity for a nice change and some added intensity but Insanity plus distance running also sounds like my legs might die. I do have a 4-6 week Figure Competition prep plan by the Canadian figure competitor Julie Lohr (check her out if you’re interested, she’s quite a well rounded fit chick).  It’s just resistance and clean eating and it’s a four day plan which leaves three days a week for running.  Hmmm.  I don’t know, P90X would leave 4 days for running and three days of resistance.  Or I could follow the three day bikini bootcamp featured in this past months Oxygen Mag.  The other option, and this one sounds the best to me right now (could just be that I’m craving it today) is to do three days of yoga and four days of running.  Since I can’t always go to a class because of my work schedule I do have the P90 yoga dvd and several of the Baptiste Power yoga classes on iTunes.  Hmmm actually that’s completely different from anything I’ve ever done before.  Can I look my best, feel full of energy, gain and maintain tone without gaining mass through running increasing mileage and doing yoga consistently 3 times a week??

Dan is right now telling me that running plus yoga or pilates was his recommendation months ago.  Damn.  why is he so smart?  

I’ll leave it to you for now.  What are your suggestions? Or would you like me to trial something specific?


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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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